View Full Version : browser can't find internet the first time after boot, any tip's?

04-19-00, 11:58 PM
i have a server w/ win98 Internet Sharing connection and DSL, and 3 computers connected to a hub, when i boot up my computer and click on the e-mail or IE browser, i get an error and has an option to re-try and after that it connects fine.

has any one have any ideas on how to fix this?

04-20-00, 05:17 PM
Hey...I got the same problem.

jmc74, if you get the answer, please let me know. This forum or e-mail.


04-22-00, 09:59 PM
when first booting up. Allow all the pc to connect and find the DHCP server (sharing PC). Sometimes it takes a few minutes.

04-23-00, 02:59 PM
All the PC's are either ON or OFF, only the server is on at all times, but even after 20+ minutes after boot up, the computer still gives that error! it is not a big deal... Im just sick off geting that.....

04-23-00, 03:10 PM
jmc74: Like I posted eariler, I've got the same problem too. Also having simular problem w/Outlook Express error that says it "doesn't work with my current service". Of course, as with IE5, I try it again and it's ok. Called my ISP, no help yet.

Agree with you, it's just a pain in the A$$.

Monday, I'm going to opt for the $35 & call microsoft tech support. I'll post the outcome (the $$ is worth it, I get goooood info from those turkeys).

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