View Full Version : Newbie question, How do I find a buddy's system?

04-19-00, 04:57 AM
A friend and I got on the same cable modem service the same day and want to be able to access each others systems. I know (or can get) his IP, and have the password to his system, but I can't find it. What steps do I need to take to find him?
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04-19-00, 06:31 AM
Well if you have his IP and his password, then what is the big deal? Please explain what you are trying to do. Telnet? FTP? If you want to FTP to his PC then he has to have a FTP server running and you will need FTP client software.


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04-19-00, 06:36 AM
Swap files, ipx gaming, general access. I haven't been able to find him in network neighborhood, I can ping him, just can't get in his system, or vice versa.

04-29-00, 08:11 PM
Try opening up a browser and typing in \\x.x.x.x where x.x.x.x is the IP of your friend's machine. You could use thier computer name in place of thier IP, but I believe that only works if you are on the same subnet (if WINS resolution is not supported by your ISP) and in the same workgroup.

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