View Full Version : Client has to use Proxy to surf..what gives?

04-17-00, 02:44 PM
Seems pretty obvious that certain dedicated ports are NOT being forwarded probably at the Winproxy.

Go here for firewall configuration examples.


04-17-00, 11:00 PM
Just curious why this is...
--PC-A is HOST pc IP
--PC-B is Client ->IP
DNS= HOST-default Bellatlantic DNS #'s
--PC-C client IP>same As PC-B
PC-A:Windows98SE netgear 10mb using dsl(640k) internal modem made
by speedstream.Dsl provided by Bell Atlantic(I know..I know)
Winroute v3.0.4
PC-B:WIN98SE netgear 10mb client machine...nothing special installed
on this macchine
PC-C:WIN98SE 3com 10mb ISA card..client machine..Nothing special
installed on this machine
No problems with networking..Aside from the time that I had a net gear in PC-B where it was conflicting with another card + wasnt working..So i installed an ISA card in this one too + its ok.

Now.I hope that you can help with the lack of info thatI give because
winroute was not set up by me..Im a client computer.
Basically what is happening is that PC-B+C cannot acess the internet
without me setting these 2 PC's to use a proxy(which is set up to (pc-a's computer))..>And as far as i know there are no proxies set up on PC-a neither 3rd party soft or winroute.
With the proxy set in PC-B browser-->
I CAN: browse...send mail....play quake....use AIM..use ICQ
I CANNOT DO: FTP ...TELNET...receive mail...Newsgroups
I havent tried IRC yet.
I dont have specs for the winroute config except that he said that he
followed the manual to set it up..
Is/shoould there any reason that I need to set up a proxy in my browser for it to work?
Is there antything that The clients should adjust?
What are we doing wrong.We have spent days + sleepless nights trying to figure this out..Where a friend of mine had his set up + worked in an hour..He tried helping us too+ was having the same problems.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.