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04-14-00, 01:35 PM
You have to disbale ACPI in the bios, and change the computer in W2K from ACPI Controlled to "Standard PC". The reboot, and it will redetect all of your devices. And I do mean ALL

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04-14-00, 01:40 PM
okay will try that .... can I just force the slot to an irq?

04-15-00, 12:51 AM
running windows 2k and well it put my lan and dsl nic cards on irq 9 and I cant change it.. can any one tell me how to fix this..


04-18-00, 03:58 AM
no. basically, your bios has no control over the irq's once w2k loads.

i had the same problems (kinda) except, EVERY one of my PCI devices was on IRQ7. I mean EVERY device, along with my agp. Video, nic1, nic2, sb live, scsi, usb, pci modem, and something else that i can't think of at the moment. All of them on IRQ7.

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04-26-00, 05:15 PM
but is that really an issue?

from the bulk of information that i have read, the IRQs of the pci bus are designed to be shared and be stable at the same time. for intstance, all my pci devices are on IRQ9, but that is fine (for me at least).

but i do not know everything i need to know about irq steering in win98, or irq reaasingment in w2k (and the effects, thereof) to comment any further.

anyone want to enlighten my ignorance in this area?



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04-26-00, 08:36 PM
Try to uninstall then reinstall the cards one at a time. If all are working properly. Don't worry about it.

04-27-00, 09:15 AM
okay pulled the card out and still have lock ups...
I think its windows 2k.. I am perplex..

04-27-00, 11:15 AM
In Win2K boot in safemode and disable the pnp. Reboot. Uninstall then re-install the NIC cards manually.

I hope that helps.

04-27-00, 11:22 AM
okay I did tat thinking it would fix it no go...
I switched the cards to my other computer making it the server and my computer doesnt lock up hers still does.