View Full Version : Linksys router/ ICQ ActiveList news?

Pest Control
04-11-00, 10:16 PM
I run an ICQ ActiveList group and was wondering if there is any news on getting the AL to work with the router. I only have one computer at the moment and would like to keep the firewall protection. I am the only one that would show up on the list. All the members could not connect. I didn't know you couldn't allow/specify certain apps with ease. The port forwarding seems to be the only way but I am not a techie (yet). From what I read about ICQ, I would need to have a range of ports open or something. Trying to setup ICQ preferences saying that I am behind a firewall doesn't work. I set the AL preferences the same, "I am behind a firewall or proxy". I see in the AL server preferences that you can set a static port or use the dynamic port option. Thx.

04-15-00, 10:24 AM
I "think" for right now, you have to run those programs thru the router via a DMZ. Not sure if firmware upgrade fixes that or not. But the router is a fantastic piece of hardware.