View Full Version : ICS and a Firewall (HELP!)

04-11-00, 07:57 PM
I use Zonealarm as a software firewall, and personally i think it works great even in the not fuclly secure mode. I am using win 98 se and ics. For days I could not host a hotline server, or recieve files through aim or icq. I turned of the firewall and even closed it, but still no transfers. So I disabled ics and wala, it works. Why is this? I don't want to deal with wingate or winroute, ics in theory works fine for me, but why is it securing the ports to recieve files on my computer or host a server. Please help

04-11-00, 09:56 PM
ICQ dosen't seem to like any NAT type sharing solutions, in terms of file transfers, etc.

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