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04-11-00, 04:24 PM
Thought you guys might want to know about this. I was talking to one of my distibutors today (TechData), and I was going to order some BEFSR41's (the router\switch) and apparently, you can't anymore. From what the rep told me, the FCC has stopped Linksys from shipping out anymore BEFSR41's. Apparently, they are classed under the FCC for "home or business use", well, they don't follow the home use spec's set by the FCC. According to what the rep told me, they put out to much EMI for home use. I'm not sure what Linksys plans to do, or will have to do to remedy this. Maybe redesign it? Change the classification? Who knows.

Just thought I'd put out an FYI for all of you who were thinking about getting one. Better do it soon, becuase they might not be around much longer.

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04-14-00, 04:28 PM
Seem's as tho my rep dosen't have any idea about what he is talking about. Thomas Recher from Linksys e-mail me about it. Here it is;

Hi, I wanted to drop you a line to ask that you speak to your contact at
Tech Data and set him straight regarding FCC mandates, and to ask you to
post a new message in the newsgroup stating your mis-information. We are not
under any FCC mandate to stop selling our router for home use. Our router
complies to FCC regulation 100% for both Home and Business use. This type
of public advertising of untrue information is detrimental to sales of our
products and reflects poorly on us as a company. It would be appreciated if
you would help us and retract or reiterate your message.
Thomas Reicher
Direct Line: xxx-xxx-2261
Treicher@linksys.com <maimailto:djying@linksys.com> www.linksys.com (http://www.linksys.com) <http://www.linksys.com>
Account Executive

So, there it is. No FCC trouble after all. I'm gonna have to talk to Tech Data....

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04-15-00, 10:16 AM
Can you spell Lawsuit? http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/biggrin.gif