View Full Version : Virtual Private Networking with a Cable Modem?

04-10-00, 09:20 AM
Is it possible to set up a VPN between two cable modems?

06-22-00, 01:47 AM
I am actualy messing with this as i type , and some crazy ****!! has been going on.

so far nadda ,

damnit is it possible?

06-22-00, 07:14 AM
If you are getting a dynamic IP address you will probably have a real hardtime trying to connect from WAN via VPN. That's why it is very hard to put up an FTP sites on cable lines.

06-22-00, 07:57 AM
The cable modems that I am working with have static IPs...still having trouble getting it going using VPN...

06-26-00, 12:52 AM
i have been tryin to get vpns set up on my adelphia cable modem with the server on the same computer as winroute. i can connect but then can never auth with the server. and when i try to connect internally it does not even connect i have been messin with the settings tryin to get it to work. ill drop a line if i get anything. or if u know whats wrong ill check back here ina few days

06-27-00, 08:47 AM
Is there a way you can FTP into your server?

07-05-00, 02:06 PM
Make sure your MTU is no more than 1400 if using 56bit encryption (DES), and 1300 if using 168bit (3DES) encryption. Otherwise the packets will fragment, and possibly fail authentication at the other side.


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07-08-00, 05:40 PM
Quick answer : YES - Have done it. works fine!

Problems: If you are on a CABLE MODEM then your IP changes every so often, this means that the PC's That you want to login to your VPN will have to be notified about the IP change and re-setup their pc. Not a big deal if it is just for you and a few friends just give them a call. What operating system are you useing for the VPN SERVER.?

07-18-00, 07:43 PM
>>Quick answer : YES - Have done it. works fine!

Can you suggest a source or describe how you did it? Trying to figure out how from the MS docs for Win2k and Win98 is difficult. I have cable modems at home and in my office, both connected to @home, and would like to set up a VPN. I have Win2k at work, Win98SE at home. Suggestions?

07-18-00, 09:24 PM
>>>Can you suggest a source or describe how you did it?

Ok. Here it is. On the WIN2K pc.

1.Right click on "My Network Places"
2.Select "Properties"
3.Click on "Make New Connection"
4.Choose "Accept Incoming Connections"
5.The next screen will show ways to recieve incoming just ingnore it and choose next.
6.The next screen choose "ALLOW VIRTUAL PRIVATE CONNECTIONS" hit next
5.Next screen the user list will pop up here you can either give acces to a current user or make a new user and give access to connect. DO NOT give the ADMINISTRATOR account access to log in via VPN.
6.The next screen will show you networking devices to use . I would leave that alone. choose next.
7.Thats it. Name it whatever you want you are now done with the server side of the setup. Note the usernames you gave permission to connect you can add more later with the user manager.
Now the 98 installs!
This one is easy
1. Go to dialup networking.
2. Choose Make new connection
3. Select device "microsoft VPN adapter"
if that is not there you need to add it useing the networking properties
4. next put the IP in of the server. thats it. then it will make an icon. run this icon and it will ask you for the username and password. If there is a DOMAIN in the login screen delete it . It seems to only login if the domain section is blank.

Hope that helps!! My next post will cover a few annoying things about VPN ,


07-18-00, 09:38 PM
A few more things..
once connected you can map the shared drives just as if you were connected at that location. Make shure you put the usernames that log in in the share permissions of any folder or printer you wish to share.


1. While my station is connected to the VPN server I can not use the INTERNET, web pages or anything will timeout until I log off the VPN.
2. It seems to be extreemly slower than say an FTP connection to the same PC.

Other than those 2 annoying things it works. I have maped a drive from the server and even printed to the printer on the vpn server!!

My connections are :

VPN SERVER - (office) DSL
VPN STATION -(home) Road Runner Cable modem.

If anyone knows how to use the VPN connection and the internet at the same time please let me know , I am working on a solution as well.

The connection is faster if you DO NOT turn on data encryption on the vpn server.


08-01-00, 09:24 AM
First off can you make the vpn connection from a dialup (eliminate the vpn server as a source of problem) also win98se sometimes has VPN issues if you have a dialup connection setup on your computer (it attempts to use the dialup connection for internet access before attempting a vpn connection).

Once youve tried the above, tell us what you are using (winnt for vpn server? win98 client, ect.)

08-22-00, 09:49 PM
i have tried and i can only connect to my vpn through the local network. the computers i am runnin are a NTserver 4sp6 and i can connect to the server from inside my network. but not from outside. it never ends up responding and just fails auth all the time. i a runnin winroute and i do have the server ports mapped. it is also kinda odd that the vpn server has a seperate ip from my ISP than the box. same computer but the vpn adapter has a differant one. and whenever i vpn i get another ip from the ISP.

for the person that couldent browse the internet. check to see what ip u get and if it from the isp try putting in their dns servers. cause when i do that i can still connect to the net.. but if not it wont work and every active connection drops. hope someone can help..
the client computers that are tryin to connect are mostly winME