View Full Version : BA ADSL and routers, My Ugate doesn't work

04-02-00, 12:29 PM
So I buy a Umax Ugate Plus router for my Bell Atlantic 640/90 DSL service to share my win95 pc and my G3 Mac (OS 9). The router just won't do it's job despite several firmware revisions from tech support (now at ver. 5.50c). The router connects via PPPoE with no apparent problem, but I cannot recieve data packets! I can send data out via ftp, but no downloading, and when I use a web browser (IE5) it says 'website found, waiting for reply......' and that's it.
The engineer at Umax tells me to check out speedguide.net for a solution. Well, I haven't found any answer to my particular problem. What should I do? The engineer also told me I should consider altering my MTU settings in Regedit, but my mac has the same problem, so I suspect it is the router at fault.
I am strongly considering sending the unit back and purchasing another router (either Netgear RT311 or the Linksys).
Anyone have good luck with either?
I'm really stuck here and would love if anyone can help.

04-03-00, 02:22 PM
I have the Linksys and BA's DSL.

It works well with the PPPoE BIOS installed. I do get random disconnects. Sometimes it runs for days without reconnecting, other times it disconnects 2 times in 10 minutes. Seems to be BA's wonderful DSL service.

Can't say what the NetGear would be like tho...

04-07-00, 01:24 PM
So far I know Linksys alredy embedded MTU value inside the BEFSR41. After I spoke with UGate Support and he suggested me to add MTU string on regedit and value 1352, my UGate works fine.