View Full Version : Linksys Router, Bell Atlantic DSL, PPoE, timeouts?

03-30-00, 02:54 PM
A question for anyone that has Bell Atlantic Infospeed that uses the Linksys Router:

Does the connection timeout on you if you leave the router on, but have all the PC's powered down for a period of time?

Here's what is happening to me. I spend an enjoyable evening gaming on da 'Net. Decide it is too damn early in the morning and it is time to give it up for the evening. I power down my machine and go off for a few hours of sleep. I get up in the morning, power up the computer, and I get no response on web pages (or ICQ for that matter, it doesn't connect). I go into the router config and disconnect and reconnect and then all is fine again. Hmmmmmm.....

I leave the DSL modem (external Westell) and the router powered up all the time.

Before getting the router, I had a Pentium 100 machine with 2 NIC's, WinPoeT, Win98SE, and ICS to do the sharing. I'd leave that thing going for days and even weeks without losing the connection. Now with the router, I seem to get timed out from BA after a few hours or so.

Anyone having the same thing going on?