View Full Version : I'm Looking For Some Good Information Regarding T1 & HDSL Circuit Testing

04-02-23, 09:51 AM
Greetings and salutations. My job has hundreds of DDS, T1, and HDSL circuits installed throughout the network. Before I started here I didn't deal with WAN circuits that often, but now it's practically a necessity. I understand the basics and how to test to narrow down the portion of the circuit that could be the location of the trouble. However, my group constantly finds itself in a "no, it's your equipment" and "nope, ours tests good" battle with the other techs. I'm looking for some good reading material on the subject - testing T1/HDSL circuits, understanding what the results mean, etc. We have an antiquated T-BERD 950 that we use for many of the tests. One of the older techs showed me exactly how to configure it to run the correct test, but I want to know why those settings were chosen. Even he didn't know. Someone showed him how to test it. Unfortunately, that isn't good enough for me. It would definitely help our means and make our life easier to be able to manipulate the testing equipment to prove/disprove circuit vs. equipment issues.

04-04-23, 04:47 PM
I can't really help much there, but isn't there a manual for that T-BERD 950 that you can dig up and look through for those settings?