View Full Version : RR Disconnect Every 1/2 Hour!

03-27-00, 10:52 AM
HELP! Roadrunner level 3 techs cannot solve this problem! Full time Futures trader on RR with P2/300 Dell getting cut off from my quote server connection 5 minutes after the hour or 35 minutes after the hour numerous times EVERY day. Always the same times. Have lost 3 weeks of work now. (Cannot get DSL here.) Same problem to different quote providers in NY or IL. Got to be RR or Windows. Connection is similar to Telnet I am told. Able to reconnect each time but loose data while dropped and reconnecting. Any suggestions much appreciated.

03-27-00, 11:41 PM
Although I might not be able to solve the problem, I believe I know what's causing the dropped connections.

Road Runner leases IP addresses to every cable modem. The lease time is typically 1 hour, and without getting into too much detail it refreshes every 1/2 hour.
Go to Start>Run and type WINIPCFG , then choose the network adapter from the pull-down menu, click "More Info" and you will be able to see the times at which your IP lease is obtained and when it expires. Lease is usualy renewed at 1/2 the time period. If your lease is one hour and the times coincide with the time your connection is dropped, that's most probably the cause. You can explain to the RR tech staff that the resets are related to your IP lease and ask them for a solution...

03-28-00, 10:28 PM
I am responding with an update to my own post of being disconnected on the 1/2 hour by RR. I did not get disconnected AT ALL today on Roadrunner. They gave me a Surfboard Modem (SB3100) that uses DOCSIS technology and connects to a DOCSIS server. They are just starting to switch customers to this system---so my router has only 4 users right now. Not sure if it was the DOCSIS system or the reduction of other users on my router. But this is a HUGE improvement.I was on a Motorola modem, and connecting through a router with 900 other users. FYI.

03-31-00, 11:11 PM
I used to have connectivity problems just like Dan's. RR pulled through after 21/2 tech. I am satisfied the way RR treats their customers. Yes. This is coming from Flashcom. Flashcom sucks! I'm glad I got out of that scam.