View Full Version : Hot Swap is working now

01-27-21, 11:15 AM
I had hooked up my external HDD/SSD docking station via eSATA but getting the Hot Swap function to work was throwing me for a loop. The computer would only see it if the drive was installed upon Boot Up and then not give me any option to Eject it (which it should have). Then, after about my 10th time in the BIOS I realized I had been enabling the wrong port. Mind you, it showed the port as enabled with the drive (hdd) as recognized, but due to the layout of the screen, when I thought I was enabling port "7" I was actually enabling port "6".

Happy days are here again!

01-28-21, 11:46 AM
Ah... Isn't it great when things finally work as intended :)

01-28-21, 08:15 PM
Now I just have to figure out why my HDD runs faster than my SSD when inserted into the Docking station.