View Full Version : Best configuration?

10-05-20, 10:59 AM
Hi. I have a Netgear R7000 Night Hawk and an Orbi Mesh Router (RBR50 Router and a RBS50 Satellite). I want to run all of them in sync, preferably with one SSID. I currently have a cable modem with the wifi turned off, going into the Orbi Router and the R7000 as an access point. That setup forces me to have two SSIDs or to use the R7000 as the router. Should I configure it with the wifi off on the cable modem, turn the R7000 into the router and make the Orbi the access point and satellite? Please advise on what would be the best configuration for max amount of coverage.

10-05-20, 01:05 PM
Why do you have to have separate SSIDs in the current setup, with Orbi R7000 as the router and the mesh (RBR50 / RBS50) as access point/satellite? Can't you simply match the Orbi R7000 SSID onto the mesh network?

I would keep the cable modem wi-fi off. I would have only the main router connected to it via one ethernet cable, and keep the entire LAN behind that, including the secondary access point and satellite.
I would also keep the access point/satellite connected via ethernet to the main router if possible.