View Full Version : Linksys Router - setup, download speed, etc.....

03-24-00, 03:22 PM
I just finished setting up my Linksys Router. The documentation may be a little thin but if you go to http://www.timhiggins.com you will find just about every answer you need. I ordered Tues. afternoon from buy.com online and received on Thurs. at 11 am. Not bad for regular UPS ground from Texas to Indianapolis. I took a screen shot of my first big download (links ls 99 trial) from Microsoft games site. You can view the shot at http://members.home.net/jillhayth/shot.doc -- This is an uncached file. The download started at around 220 then jumped to 280. I took shots at every increment of 10 until it hit 375 at the end. I routinely have downloads at this speed which is just fine with me. I had 128k ISDN w/high speed serial card before cable. No contest. Cable wins hands down. Keep up the good info on this board.

03-24-00, 03:50 PM
Just added a second pc to the router. Internet and local network all work fine. Life is good.....