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12-28-19, 05:00 PM

When I try to print receipts and packing slips with my HP P1006 Laser printer, it doesn't print. I got it at Goodwill for $3 with toner and everything and it worked great for months, now this. The last I knew it had about 600 pages of toner left and I doubt I've printed 100 pages since then. I've had to go into the queue and cancel documents in there. I can't seem to figure out why it does this.

So I got some new ink and I now run my Brother AIO and that works good and promptly. You people here recommended the Brother to me and it's been a real nice unit.

TIA for any advice.

12-29-19, 11:52 AM
You may want to reboot the computer, then look for any remnants in the print queue manually, check this:

If you are not getting any errors I'd try to print a test page.

12-29-19, 03:05 PM
I seem to have it working now. I downloaded the HP driver for the P1000 series printers, then set it as the default printer and let Windows manage my printers.
It's just a monochrome printer but for $3 it's very impressive and prints nicely.

12-30-19, 08:08 AM
Sometimes with older printers and newer operating systems, if you don't see a new driver out for the latest OS....you can get them working using HPs Universal Print Drivers.

12-31-19, 05:40 PM
Thank you. Happy 2020.