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11-16-19, 02:50 PM
Dear Experts

I have got HP LaserJet M5035 MFP Series printer that initially was able to scan documents to shared folder on 2xDesktops (PC1 and PC2) windows 8

I upgraded PC1 (but not yet PC2) only from windows 8 to windows 10 pro and I tried to copy the same setting as it was on windows 8

Created folder on windows 10 and shared it and edited permission tab and security tab as well

I can access that shared folder on PC1 from PC2 no issue.

On the web interface of the printer when I click on : "Test Folder Access" I get below error message


Unable to reach ’\\VISIONDESKTOP\Kylie_Scans’. Please check the location and make corrections as needed


11-18-19, 07:46 PM
Probably because SMBv1 is no longer on the PC....newer versions of Win10 don't have that enabled by default..they have SMB2 and 3.
You can enable SMB1...BUT...I strongly advise against it, it's a huge security risk, easily pillaged by malware and ransomware.

The real answer is "Upgrade your MFPs so they support SMBv 2 and 3."

You can test is this is your issue by temporarily enabling SMBv1 on the host...seeing if that fixes the issue, and then disabled it again. And then hopefully your MFP has a firmware update to introduce newer SMB support.

11-18-19, 09:10 PM
Hi mate

I did enable V1 and V2 but no joy

I guess you were referring to below before enabling it ?Weren't you ?



11-19-19, 01:39 AM
Thanks YeOldeStonecat
finally it worked I don't know how !!!
but definitely SMB1.0 should be enabled otherwise won't work as i did test that

((The real answer is "Upgrade your MFPs so they support SMBv 2 and 3."))

Is it safe to update the firmware of the printer or it might create problem ?


11-19-19, 05:42 AM
Yes looks like you found it, you need the "server" part if you're going to scan to it, and a reboot. So now that you know the cause, go disabled it and reboot to get rid of it.

I've not had issues updating the firmware of MFPs....
If you lease it, whoever you leased it from likely has a support package on it and you can ask them to do it.

You REALLY INCREASE the risk of malware causing problems if you have SMB1 enabled on any computers. Microsoft stopped SMB1, disabled it on all new OS's...for a big reason!!! If you have a security audit run on your network and have SMB1 enabled, you will have a big red mark flag it on the audit report. Not good for compliance.

11-19-19, 01:51 PM
Thanks for your help and support