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11-07-19, 10:58 AM
So, I'm still on my 3 year quest to upgrade my computer but I keep talking myself out of it. But during this quest I come across a ton of motherboards, mostly for gamers, that boast all these different colored light themes you can have inside your case. I know I'm older now, but I thought that this was something more of a fad and not age related. With how computers have matured and are mainstream to say the least, I thought that something like lights on a motherboard is almost laughable.

I'm visualizing a 13 y/o kid telling his mom he wants this particular mobo for Christmas because it has certain colored light. Actually, I'm sitting her LMFAO just thinking about it.

11-07-19, 01:46 PM
I just pretty much ignore the pretty lights, lol. I focus on the specs... Good brand name (Asus, ASRock, etc.)... Good components (capacitors and some other components have limited lifespan, so quality matters).. Newer chipset (For Intel CPUS, let's say Intel Z390), then make sure it has enough ports maybe built-in wi-fi if you need it and get done with it.

11-08-19, 11:00 AM
Most you can turn off. Its something I forget to do after updating the bios with my board, thankfully they have software to change it too. :D

11-19-19, 11:41 AM
Last year I built my son a gaming rig, (he was 24) and his biggest request was the corsair RGB lights! Yes, keyboard, case, water cooler, etc. He runs them in sync with an endless combination of colors and patterns. All of the latest technology is great, but the lights are a must dad! It cost me a bundle! :eek:
It does look cool...for a couple of minutes, however it would ultimately drive me crazy! :cry:

11-26-19, 04:51 PM
Gotta love the pretty lights lol