View Full Version : SMC 8432 Etherpower card and RCA cable modem not communicating

03-22-00, 09:37 PM
I have an SMC 8432 Etherpower network card and an RCA Broadband Cable modem. The power light and the Cable light come on but the PC Link light will not go on. I have checked all the network settings with @home and I have come to you for a solution. Why won't my Cable modem communicate with my network card? I ran winipcfg and the the release all and renew all thing and it just keeps coming back to PPP adapter. I am using windows 95b and the card is using IRQ 4. Any ideas?

03-23-00, 12:04 PM
Have you tried the reset button on the back of your cable modem? Sometimes that helps.

Also you might want to try removing your setting for the ethernet card and reboot. Write down your setting first though. I've had to do this more than I like to. I had a problem and called, they couldn't figure it out so they were going to send someone out, ad a low low price of $50.00. After feeling Scr*wed, I tried uninstalling everything and the ethernet card was the problem. AFter I reinstalled the drivers I called back and canceled the service call. I think they should have paid ME for answering my own problem that time.

If this fails, keep calling @home till someone either tells you something that fixes it, or they transfer you to a 'higher level' tech. I should be on a first name basis with these guys. The installer who did my setup left off a letter when typing in my computer's name. Took 2 weeks of me calling for them to transfer me to a higher tech who found the missing letter.