View Full Version : HP OfficeJet 6600 Print Problems

Qui-Gon John
04-04-19, 01:55 PM
My HP OfficeJet 6600 Printer has started giving me a weird problem. Currently in Excel, the first 20 or so lines of a spreadsheet look fine, then the rest is very light or seems to have part of the text and lines missing. If I send another page, same thing, the top part is good, bottom looks like s41t.

It also did it on my tax forms yesterday.

I tried a second new cartridge and have done all the levels of cleaning. I even tried connecting direct to my computer, same problem.

I googled this but most of the hits talked about if it just stopped printing the second half of a page. Not if it goes through all the motions, prints something, but it just looks bad.

04-04-19, 08:05 PM
I really have no idea but I'll throw this out... try different paper?

04-05-19, 10:35 AM
Is the second cartridge you used fresh, is it OEM or aftermarket?

Light parts usually means that the toner is old, so the fuser can't quite heat it/press it to make it stick to pages. This could also be due to paper, the fuser, the drum not putting enough toner on the page, etc. The easiest test would be to put new fresh OEM toner cartridge, but seems you already tried that.