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03-19-00, 04:45 PM
Just curious if you got everything running on it - and how it's performance has been for you.

03-19-00, 05:08 PM
Well mixed results really

Overall though I'm going to say I love this thing, it's very nice. There are just some very annoying things about it that I'm sure can be taken care of with firmware updates I hope.

First of all it only allows you put one computer in the DMZ. I wish it allowed you to put alot more and even gave the option to make ALL pc's in the DMZ, kinda like a check box to enable DMZ on all the pc's connected through it. That would be nice.

I also am very confused about the Advanced option of Forwarding the Ports to IP's. I've tried and tried and tried to do it but it just don't seem to work, even with the DHCP server enabled or disabled.

And that's another thing, I'm confused about the DHCP server being enabled or disabled, it seems it still acts as a DHCP Even when it's Disabled! I'm just confused on that aspect of it.

I'm having a few problems with ICQ. I can talk to people just fine and I can send files to people just fine. BUT they cannot send files to me, it says "can't establish a direct connection"

Also I can't connect to my own Active List from ICQ it just won't connect at all.

And my Active List server is acting up, about 70 people are saying they can't connect to it, even though I've put that PC in the DMZ!

And Napster, I can't download anything from Napster http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/frown.gif I have to open Napster on my DMZ computer to download mp3's onto.

Now I've tried forwarding Port 6699 for Napster to this PC and it sill won't work. I also tried forwarding Ports 4000, 1023, 1024, and 1025 to ICQ but that still won't work either.

The only way I see to make it work is to put this PC in the DMZ also, but I can't cause you can only put One in the DMZ

But I still don't want to loose my firewall protection. So I have a conflict there, heh

But it serves my 4 pc's just fine, they can all access mail, news, and Internet with no problems, and it's fast no speed degradation that i can tell.

I haven't really benched the LAN speed thoroughly, I need to though. I'll have to get back to you on the LAN speed of things. Linksys says that it can do 7-8Mbps throughput so that's what I'm at least hopping to get.

ummmmmm that's all I can think of right now, I'm sure I'll think of more stuff later, I'll add it here then

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03-19-00, 05:45 PM
Hey thanks for the info Brent. I just started playing with mine and I'm having similar problems. Next week I'm going to dig in and see what I can find out.

We need an on-going FAQ about the router somewhere.

I was going to do either a review of it for Brokenpixel or G25 (the resurrection in progress of G256 - wembaster bill still MIA http://www.g256.com).

I was really thinking about doing a FAQ on it myself.

So far the best source I've found is Timhiggins.com.

I'm going to see if I can get in with anyone from Linsys.

At least theres are all problems that seem like they can be resolved through a firmware patch!

Man that was a good price!

03-19-00, 06:03 PM
Cool you finally got yours huh, when did it get there?

What firmware version does yours have? Mine came already with the latest firmware 1.15 Dated March 03, 2000

Hey if you Wanna review yours and help me make up a FAQ I'll put it on my website Core Meltdown. The Grand Opening is VERY soon now and I need reviews and stuff to open it with, currently I'm working on something I recieved from Guillemot to review and 3dfx is sending me something for the grand opening.

Here is a sneak preview of it
www.coremeltdown.com/index.shtml (http://www.coremeltdown.com/index.shtml)

The forum works, you can get to it at www.coremeltdown.com (http://www.coremeltdown.com) click on Forum

LMK =)

Brent a.k.a Borg Drone Owner/Webmaster of:
Core Meltdown www.coremeltdown.com (http://www.coremeltdown.com)


Out the 100TX, through the switch, down the cable modem, over the Tap, off the bridge, past the node, straight up the gateway, past the head end office....nothing but Net

03-19-00, 06:04 PM
Brent - just found this over at the Linksys site (if you didn't already know):


"Linksys runs a listserv where you can communicate with other users to discover solutions to common problems. To subscribe via e-mail, send mail to majordomo@listserv.linksys.com with the text subscribe support-help in the BODY of the text (leave the subject line blank).

There is an archive of this list available on the web at http://listserv.linksys.com/cgi-bin/wilma/support-help you can search it to see if your problem has already been discussed. "

03-19-00, 06:11 PM
Cool thanks Vorpal, did you see my offer up there in my previous post?

I was thinking you can review it and I'll review it and we can combine it into one really big thorough review to put up on Core Meltdown, then it will be chock full of info from two peoples experiences with it

03-19-00, 06:18 PM
Same firmware - Ours shipped at the same time. Wanna bet our Serial #'s are really close too? http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif

Hey - the CoreMeltdown Logo looks really nice!

Have you got an auto news-posting-script running? It makes all the difference!

Yep - I will be working on a FAQ. I'm going to try to see how far I can get with Linksys tomorrow (by calling them). I wish my own site was up to give me that true "webmaster" power.

My own website is in mothballs, I'm still playing with the idea. Rough draft at:

I flew through making a draft and it totally screws up in Netscape. Man, I HATE browser compatibility problems!

BTW - I plugged SPEEDGUIDE.NET over at G256.com. Just saying thanks for all the good info here.

I'll make sure and give you a nice plug too, when everything is up and running!

03-19-00, 06:25 PM
Oh WoW, what's your affiliation with G256?

I never heard of it before but I'm there now and I see you post news on it! WoW didn't even know you worked for a website like that!!!


Oh and No I don't have a review script http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/frown.gif
I'm no programmer, heh, I'm a techy kind O guy

Know of any good places to get a good CGI review script? Wanna help a brotha out? ;-)

I already have an excellent News Script and I'm using UBB as my forums

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03-19-00, 06:26 PM
Ummm... what I'm missing is a digital camera. For a couple of reviews I did elsewhere I had to use my Sony Camcorder and a Snappy thing I have (and FREAKING hate!)

#1 on my list is to "un-case" it and take some inside shots.

Cool idea on the combo review. I was thinking of maybe going all out and making it a combo review/FAQ. Even going so far as to list port settings for various things (ie - napster, UT, ICQ, etc. etc.).

#2 on my list is to find out from Linksys if they ever plan to support multiple DMZ(ing). I want to find out if it's even possible with the hardware design. I'm taking a sad guess that it's not possible.

03-19-00, 06:32 PM
Short story:

G256 is a child (kinda) of D128 (aka Snakes old and very popular board - see the corpse at <A HREF="http://www.d128.com)

Snake" TARGET=_blank>http://www.d128.com)

Snake</A> started screwing the real poster BILL with (apparently) some money issues and MIA issues.

BILL left and made G256. Mainly the posts were coming from Krider for awhile and then he got busy.

BILL has been MIA for over a month now (2 months? lost track). NO-ONE knows what happened to him.

I had access to G256 for some stuff I was doing for it and used the power to make a couple of attempts at keeping the news going. My last attempt (1.5 weeks ago) resulted in Krider comming back and Justin of Brokenpixel.com (new site) helping out and providing a news-script.

G256 use to have a TON of visitors - many of which bookmarked it as there homepage because of how updated the news was there.

Well - still trying to keep it going. It's not pretty to look at (I have my opinons there), but the news updates were the main attraction. I'm trying to keep that going.

I'll get back to you later - got to go mow the lawn. (arrrgggg)

03-19-00, 06:43 PM
Oh Ok I never heard of any of those people or sites, heh

What are your responsibilities on that site? Just news?

I'm sorry you said "auto news posting script" not review script hehe. Yeah I have an awesome news posting script, I like it alot it's called News Pro from http://amphibian.gagames.com/newspro/

What I would like to have is some kind of Review script so that I can just insert the text and link pictures in real easily from the Web instead of having to make each page in html and then uploading it to the server.

But I'll manage doing that for now, until I start getting lots of stuff to review, then it would just be easier

Yeah and what's up with that mowing, where did Winter go? We had like one week of winter when we had that icing/sleeting even, that was fun :P OTher then that, nothin but Texas weather, heh =)

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03-19-00, 06:47 PM
Hey, Brent, I sent in my fix for the router and Half-Life to several places, Linksys included. Maybe they'll fix the stupid problem with hosting games soon.

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03-19-00, 08:47 PM
Thanx for sharing the info, everyone. http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif

FYI, Linksys told me on two different phone calls that they were working on the ability for multiple puters to be in the DMZ.

I've noticed ALL routers in the SOHO category have the same limitation of 1 puter only in the DMZ, so I hope that it is indeed a firmware fix they can really make happen.


03-19-00, 09:38 PM
Just news. For a while only Krider and I had the password to the site. Now Justin of Brokenpixel and Wolf are onboard.

Yeah - all that rain over the last couple of weeks combined with the warm weather is giving me a lawn mowing pain in the butt http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif

It's good for us geeks to step outside sometimes.

Brent, who's hosting your Domain? Are you paing for it? Did you do the news script on your own?

I'm wondering what kind of script that Thresh has for reviews. I'm sure they have one - but who knows.

I HTML review "template" would be ok to use. I mainly use Dreamweaver and it makes for fast site building.

If I get time tomorrow I'm going to go off-line and pull out my screwdriver to take a look under the hood of the Linksys router and get some shots.

My guess is that there's one proprietary chip. I really want to see what's inside the thing. Let's hope I don't break it! http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif

03-19-00, 10:42 PM
I am hosted by GSN (Game Squad Network) http://www.gamesquad.net/

It's a great host, Free for me with unlimited everything, Two Servers with duel P2's running Linux and Apache all on a T3 =)

The news script I use is called News Pro found right here http://amphibian.gagames.com/newspro/

And of course I use the UBB (Ultimate Builletin Board) by Infopop formerly Madrona Park www.ultimatebb.com (http://www.ultimatebb.com)

Yeah I like to get outside, I scalped the yard last week and am going to airate it then fertalize and all that good stuff.

Thresh's page is all coded in Java, so of course he has a script but it's in Java

Core Meltdown was coded in pure HTML and SSI all in notepad. The code is real clean and it's very fast.

You say your gonna take your Linksys router apart? Where are the screws in it?? I can't find any!

I took my cable modem and my switch apart just to see what they look like on the inside, hehe, a true geek huh! hahah

Brent a.k.a Borg Drone Owner/Webmaster of:
Core Meltdown www.coremeltdown.com (http://www.coremeltdown.com)


Out the 100TX, through the switch, down the cable modem, over the Tap, off the bridge, past the node, straight up the gateway, past the head end office....nothing but Net

03-19-00, 10:58 PM
This may or may not help you, it's something I picked up at a forum discussion on the Linksys at AnandTech. Say you have 3 puters running thru the Linksys, with IP's of, 101 and 102 (still DHCP enabled). Assign a arbitrary IP to the DMZ, such as Any ports that need mapped, route em to the same IP you put in the DMZ. Increases accessability while maintaining hardware firewall effectiveness.

The usual disclaimers apply...your mileage may vary, blah blah.

03-19-00, 11:02 PM
Brent - sent you e-mail to your @home mail.

No screws? Dang - I hadn't even looked yet. I just assumed it would have screws It's sleeping now in a closet with my DSL modem http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif I WILL find a way to open it gentle like.

I'll try to get to it tomorrow. Let me know if you break it open first.

03-20-00, 09:48 PM

Well I got my FTP Proggie Serv-U to work, i can now connect from work to my home computer via FTP, I did this by Forwarding a Service (port # I use for my FTP) to the IP of the machine the FTP Server is on. And it works like a charm I can log into my one @home IP with that Port # and it forwards all that traffic to the PC I specified. And it's fast.

I love this T1 here at work, i can upload files from the pc here at work to my computer at home at like 150KB/sec, it's nice, a heck of alot better then my upload cap at home of 16KB/sec, heh

10-02-00, 06:38 PM
Hi was just browsing reading at work. (bored and thinking about the network I will be installing at home soon)

If your looking for a review script...I recommend this site...its pretty neat and flexible... I use it on my website...(not customized enough yet but getting there) http://www.bandley3.com/ this is the url of the review script

this is my website
(still under construction)

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10-03-00, 03:13 AM
I just read your Linksys review and I wanted to let you know the experience i had with it.
I am on Mediaone/ATT broadband in CA.For me to get it to connect to the internet(wan), I had to call the tech support line and give then the MAC address,After that it took off and is working fine. But man if you did not know to do this( is mentioned in manual) you could drive yourself nuts tring to find out why you can't connect.