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Qui-Gon John
03-12-19, 05:53 AM
I was helping someone yesterday to print from both an Android Phone and Tablet. At their home, the printer is established on the wifi network. I had always heard to use Google Cloud Print to get this working. She did not have a computer so I used my laptop, installed Chrome, logged in as her. Added the printer to my laptop and then to her Cloud Print. We tested twice from each device, worked fine. But then I shutdown my laptop and we tried again. Those did not print. I put my laptop back on, went into Google Cloud Print and saw those last 2 jobs waiting and a short bit later they did print (with no other action). So it seems the computer with the Google Cloud Print needs to be on. But that seems to defeat the purpose. So then I looked online and found some indications that now Android has it's own Cloud Printing as part of the OS, so I might need to set that up.

Can you tell me what is the earliest version of Android that has this? And tell me or point me to good detailed steps to get this working, without needing a laptop or PC to be operating?


03-14-19, 10:58 AM
I use "Samsung cloud print", it just shows up as one of the sharing options on my phone and prints directly to a printer on the LAN without a PC. I imagine the Google variant is similar, not sure what is the earliest as that supports it though.

Qui-Gon John
03-29-19, 05:39 AM
I just helped someone else with this yesterday who had a Brother printer and by installing Brother iprint & Scan, as well as Brother Print Service Plugin, we were able to print from Android phone and tablet. So if I get back to the first person I will try their model (Canon I think).