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03-21-00, 12:05 AM
Well I transfered a large file from one computer to another across my LAN through the Linksys's Switch and benchmarked it with DU Meter's Stopwatch function

Here are the System specs and setup:

PC Copying To:
P3 @ 560
Netgear 10/100 PCI NIC
File Print Sharing
(don't worry the router protects me)

PC Copying From:
Celeron @ 450a
D-Link 10/100 NIC
File Print Sharing
(don't worry the router protects me)

Each PC is only on 25ft of Cat5 cable connected directly from back of PC NIC to Linksys Router's Back.

I transfered a 637MB .iso specifically it was the Gentus Linux .iso

It took a total of 2 minutes and 36 seconds

MAX Burst Transfer Rate:
Download: 9.3MB/sec
Upload: 193KB/sec

Average Constant Rate:
Download: 4.2MB/sec
Upload: 88KB/sec

In conclusion it only Bursted as fast as 9MB/sec but it stayed at an average of 4.2MB/sec

It might be faster if I say like had a 7200RPM UDMA/66 HDD on the other pc, remember access's like this can be hampered by slow hardware, mainly the Hard Drive's in these cases. For Instance if your Constant Transfer speed of your Hard Drive is only 7MB/sec then that's it that's all it can constantly go etc

MB/sec = Mega Bytes Per Second
KB/sec = Killo Bytes Per Second

Of course I'll want to do more testing but so far that's what I got

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Out the 100TX, through the switch, down the cable modem, over the Tap, off the bridge, past the node, straight up the gateway, past the head end office....nothing but Net

03-21-00, 12:14 AM
Oh one thing I noticed, look at how much Upload Bandwith it needs to attain those hight download speeds.

If we are ever gonna get Really High Internet Speed access we are gonna need fast Upload speeds too!

With these results I'm gonna venture to say that to get 4MB/sec download we are at least gonna need 100KB/sec Upload at least!

Just think with 2Gbps download we are gonna need a really fast upload speed too!

Now I feel really bad cause of @home's sucky 16KB/sec upload, I wonder what that limits me to to downloads

03-21-00, 12:29 AM
Dang - I was just about to do what you just did! (one step behind - DRAT!)

My wifes computer is in our bedroom and she's asleep and turned it off. That computer is on a 100ft cable - so I thought it would be a nice test.

I was going to use SoftSandra's net-benchmark too.

Luckily 'ol Vorpals go some sneaky advanced testing tricks up his sleeves for this......

I guess you'll have to read the review to find out. (competition - I love it!)

BTW - I'm not there yet, but I thought that the bandwith limit on the Router was 1.5Mb

hold on .... getting box........

Oh wow - that sucks! (not for me - it's my limit anyway)

It say RIGHT ON THE BOX: "up to 1.5mbs internet access."

Now that's something to think about if you have a higher cap.

03-21-00, 12:45 AM
That 1.5Mbps thing is misleading

Look on the Right Flap on the box where it says Ports:

It says:

"Four 10/100 RJ45 Switched connectors (LAN)"
"One 10Base-T Ethernet RJ45 connector for ADSL/Cable (WAN)"

Now correct me if I'm wrong here but isn't 10Base-T 10Mbps which is 1.5MB/sec

So I think they messed up on the front of the box and put Mbps when they should have MBps it should read 1.5MBps not 1.5Mbps

Cause the WAN Port can do 10Mbps or 1.5MB/sec

On my Cable I've downloaded 600KB/sec with the router hooked up, so I know this is definatly over 1.5Mbps

I think they goofed, this is good information to put in the review though ;-)

About SiSoft Sandra, I've never gotten the Networking test to work for me, it always says the Client or Server won't accept a packet that large or something

I haven't taken mine apart, all I have is a webcam to take pictures with so it's really not that great.

Do you have ICQ? It would be easier for us to communicate, I've got some things to tell you about the Reivew, Philip has talked to me too about it, got some ideas to through your way...

03-21-00, 01:20 AM
You are the man!

http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif Like I said - I never would have been able to prove that with my DSL and it's 1.5Mb limit.

Very good.......

SoftSandra is ODD on the network testing.

03-21-00, 01:26 AM
yeah I always get good speads on my cable this late at night, heh

DU Meter was bursting as high as 800KB/sec at times on the Internet Download! Cable is so unstable though I mean it goes from 10KB/sec to 800 to 150 to 5 to 600 all over the place!

03-21-00, 12:59 PM
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