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03-20-00, 07:35 PM
Ok Brent, I've got some pictures taken. I had a funny idea for comparing it to something for a size reference.

I waiting for call-backs from their tech support and and PR people.

I can't figure out how to open it without possibly doing some damage. Your right - there are no screws. And I cannot feel a screw hole under the bottom label.

It was also not made as a normal plastic product would be! The front of the unit was made to 'snap on' to the rest of the body.

Any thoughts?

03-20-00, 07:43 PM
Any rubber feet? Might be screws under those.

03-20-00, 07:56 PM
It does have rubber feet and there are holes in each foot, but it don't look like that's any screw I've seen. It looks solid, I'll have to look closer though.

Yeah my thinking is the whole thing is one big "Snap On" piece of plastic....


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03-20-00, 09:20 PM
Hey did it about an hour ago.


1. Pick a side
2. Grab a blue foot -and-
3. Grab a black foot (from the same side)
4. Pull apart firmly (don't worry - you won't hurt anything).
5. When it gives do the thing same thing to the other side.

Now pulling out the boards is somthing I'm not going to do though ........ you'll see why http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif

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03-20-00, 10:44 PM

STOP THAT!!!! If you scare teh lil tiny people inside the whole thing will stop working! They're nervous enough to begin with!

PS: I think yer nutty for opening the case. Why are you doing so anyways?

"Yeah Baby, YEAH!!!"

03-20-00, 11:42 PM
Bouncer: DONT call them 'lil people'! They prefer "vertically challenged".

I'm doing a review on it and wanted to get a couple of pictures of the inside - and find out what makes it go 'tick'. I'm not going to risk pulling the boards out. They're linked togather with a header and have some friction tabs holding them in.

#1 surprise so far is that there is no cooling what so ever. Considering it's a true 'switch' I thought it would have at least a small fan. But, the temp range it will work at (as listed by Linksys) is pretty large.

Even my little tiny D-Link 5 port hub has a fan. I'm thinking about pulling out the dermal tool and making a small hole for a processor fan to throw in there. I'd have to pull out the boards to find a ground and +5 tap.

"If it exists - put a fan on it"

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03-21-00, 12:01 PM

Just what the hell are you doing. You just wrecked your warranty!! The service techs will see all the damage you've done and void!!

Besides, whats in there? PCB, cables, components, mounting hardware... Woo-Hoo.

IC's, cables, resistors, caps, etc.. mostly work at a range of -20C to 60C. Don't put a fan in. If it gets too hot then its broken. Have it fixed.
The people who designed it are probably a lot smarter than you or I, so they built it with no fan for a reason.

Don't be a hack. That goes for all of you.

03-21-00, 04:05 PM
Man wake up!

In the real world money is the bottom line.

What if something like this was true:
3% of the routers will experience packet loss due to heat problems at high usage and router life without cooling is estimated at 5 years with constant use.

Then some VP decides that the extra cost of redigning the case or adding $1 to the cost of the unit with the additon of a fan takes to much of a toll on their bottom line.

I'll 'hack' anything! You know those stupid fan grills that are built into cases? Cut the suckers out - there's several CFPM wasted right there!

Don't you like to see what makes things work?


03-21-00, 06:57 PM
The linksys router is about the stone coldest switch or hub I have ever come across, it isn't even luke warm when I put my hand on it. Right on the box it says 5V 3 amps, that is conservative power consumption for a 10/100 switch.

Now, the Cybersurfr cable modem is a different story. It gets pretty hot (5 volt 4 amps AND 12 volt 1 amp) but I could care less as it is leased. If it ever breaks down I'll just bitch to the cable co to replace it with one of the newer better ones http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/wink.gif

03-21-00, 09:43 PM

3% of the routers will experience packet loss due to heat problems at high usage and router life without cooling is estimated at 5 years with constant use

You'll get a new one before the 5 year period is up! http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/tongue.gif