View Full Version : Can you tell me where to get help w/installing DSL on NT

03-16-00, 07:31 PM
I am trying to set up DSL on a server with Windows NT 4.0. SWB service tech came out and tried to install this for a couple of hours but they could not figure it out. Does anyone know where I could get help with this for a novice to NT? There has to be a way to set this up. I can't believe that Southwestern Bell does not have anyone familiar enough with NT to do the Job. Thanks!!

03-16-00, 08:49 PM
external modem, ethernet card,

03-16-00, 09:05 PM
I just got DSL installed today from PacBell on my Win98 and NT4.0 Server DualBoot system. I got Enhanced DSL with static IP so it was just a matter of installing NIC, hooking up to DSL modem, setting up IP, DNS and Gateway address and done.

Did you get dynamic with PPP? Maybe EnterNet is troublesome on NT Server? Where exactly does the SWB tech have problems?