View Full Version : LinkSys Connection Reset Problem

03-16-00, 08:42 AM

I just got the linksys yesterday. I hooked it up and was did ftp testing from every machine on my network downloadiong 20M files with ease. After I got done re-cabling and setting up all my IP adresses I decided to load the new PPPOE beta firmware so that I could try it out with a friends PPPOE DSL setup. Upgrading the firmware went fine but now when I FTP It will work for 20-30 seconds and then it just stops and indicates my connection was reset. I tried this to multiple sites and and computers on my lan. I was also getting this message playing video streams. Has anyone seen this problem with the linksys. I tried again this morning after reseting the all my switches and routers and I still see the same thing. Any ideas????


03-21-00, 09:56 PM
Same here! I installed the upgrade last night and, at first, everything was great. I like the new firmware better than any of the past. Anyway, webpages and ftp would start and last about 30 seconds (faster throughput than normal though??) and then just stop. Had to reset the linksys (and sometimes cable modem) to get system working again. Had to go back to 1.16 firmware to stay stable! Hope they get it debugged soon!



03-22-00, 01:18 PM
Well I thought that I was the only one with this problem. When I talked to linksys they said they have'nt heard of it. I'm on @home when I dl it starts out great than just stops. My friend has pppoe and it worksfine for him. I also had to go back to the 115 firmware after they told me to try it to take care of some other problems.