View Full Version : Computers conflicting over LAN AT+T @HOME BLOWS!!!!

03-05-00, 09:50 PM
I have three comps in my house networked to a cable modem. When a certain combination of comps are all sending and recieving info, they start laggin each other up, ie/ computers a+b and b+c work well together, but a+c will lag each other up. Does this sound like a network problem inside my house, or something to do with the at+t @home network. Btw At+t are so pathetic, they offer extra ip's but dont offer network support, god it makes me want to scream sometimes!!!!

03-06-00, 11:34 PM
Probably local:

Swapped ports on the hub to see if that's the problem?

Enet Card speeds the same? (slower card might slow down the net, and one card's driver might not handle it gracefully)

IP addresses different (arp -a)? (if they are not, then

03-08-00, 08:03 PM
Get rid of the hub, buy a cable / dsl router with a switch. No colisions on the switch, no fighting for a port, or wasting time sending to un-used ports on the hub.