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03-05-00, 08:37 AM
ok...first off....I have a intel pentium II 400mhz,128mb ram,running win98,voodoo3 3000,with a Creative blaster 56k external modem....i have ispeed(if i learn how to test it..no clue how...even read the help but can't find a ftp site) and webaccelerator(i assume its automaticly running when install is complete) and still my downloading(4kbs) and page loading is slow.So my question is what do i do to improve performance?the internet is a new thing to me and i am totally lost.thanks in advance to all who reply.

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03-16-00, 11:51 PM
Try going to www.tweak3d.net (http://www.tweak3d.net) to tweak your
56k modem, this forum is mostly for high
speed connections like cable and dsl.