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03-03-00, 09:31 PM
I have 2 comps running win 98 and each has 1 NIC. I recently bought a 10mbit hub and havent hooked it up yet. I have heard if the comps run through the hub and modem is connected to the uplink port then only 1 comp can surf at a time without running a proxy. I have a STATIC IP which might help. Under Identification, do i put my username as the same on both comps? I want each to run idependant but also to be able to run both at once.

Thanks, Steve

03-04-00, 08:53 AM
You will need to "BUY" a Second IP Address from your Cable Service provider to accomplish this scenario for second PC.

...or if you do not want to pay for the "extra" IP Address then you wil have to buy an additional "NIC" 10T base add it to either PC whichever you are using as your "Server - Client" and then run a Proxy or NAT client to
access fom the other Networked PC.

Go to a great page for Cable Modem Sharing
at www.timhiggins.com (http://www.timhiggins.com) for more ideas.

03-04-00, 11:38 PM
I am aware of all those options, getting a second ip, or running a proxy, but i dont want to run a server,,, its pointless to run 2 comps so i can serf on the other. what if i run 1 comp to run on static ip and the other to run on dynamic? Since only 1 comp can use the net at a time, do i have to shut that one down and reboot the other so it can get on the net? Thanks again...

03-06-00, 11:40 PM
Since only 1 comp can use the net at a time, do i have to shut that one down and
reboot the other so it can get on the net?
Conflicting IP's are not good. Simply, don't have two comptuer with the same address on at the same time. Bad things happen.

Only one computer could be turned on at a time. If both were on and had the same IP address bad things happen (abyssmal network performance).

03-11-00, 12:04 PM
Hubs suck for sharing and using internet. get a powered switch, or a DSL/Cable Router with a built in switch. Only way to go. IMO.


03-14-00, 04:12 AM
also, not all cable companies will let you buy a second IP and use a hub like that. for example, Adelphia Powerlink (who i'm forced to use, uggg) will not. They want to put a cable modem on every computer you want to have net access on. In their TOS, they say running proxies\nats are forbidden, but, they have still yet to catch me, sooo..

I'm ordering a Linksys router to take care of this problem to the most extent. uggg, i hate adelphia.

Dualboot (http://www.dualboot.net/forums)

03-17-00, 12:04 AM
Don't connect to you uplink port, you need to get a crossover cable from your modem
to your hub, set your network properties
to optain an ip address automaticly.

03-17-00, 08:47 PM
Why wouldn't I use my uplink port? It works fine.. i have a crossover cable but it does the exact same thing...