View Full Version : Lost RoadRunner/WWW service --- HELP!

03-03-00, 04:59 PM
I networked two Win98 PC's I can see both but
now I am not able to acess the Web from my
main PC where I have Internet access through.

I Removed/Reset/Reconfigured/Reinstalled all the aspects of the Network card that goes through my Cable Modem to also include "Winipcfg" by Releasing and Renewing ALL.

.....and to top things off I am not able to
use my "Backup" 'Ol trusty 56K Modem to dial up to my other "FREE" ISP, it does not let me Initialize the full connection and hangs up, due to unable to authenticate?

I allready removed all of the remaining Networking and went to the "Bare bones"
(TCP/IP but nothing seems to help ?
(allready checked my Wsock32.dll is OK)

I allready did away with the Network temporarily.

Now I'm just trying to use(1)PC,(1)Cable Modem (The Original configuration); "The Orginal" PC which has Roadrunner but I cannot get a Socket to "Dial out" or "Communicate" out into the "WWW".

I've allready uninstalled/reinstalled Original Network card, did not seem to help?

Any suggestions before I FDISK PC?

03-04-00, 09:05 AM
I figured out my RoadRunner access problems.

Turns out I was running a Firewall originally
that I turned off before running my Networking and some how it activated an unknown Network component on its own?

So naturally I had to Uninstall under "DOS".

Now everything is Networked back together
and my two PC's are running on their own.

(I Was running Conseal Private Desktop 2.05d Firewall before the Networking nightmare started, got rid of it and now I'm running Black Ice 1.9.6 on the Network!)

03-04-00, 10:14 PM
Sometimes we already have the needed answers, we just don't know it when we need to! Well done my friend!

Have you heard about SPEEDCORP?