View Full Version : problems in Setting up of LAN to share cable modem

03-01-00, 08:54 PM
i have 2 computers and a cable modem..
can i just install only 1 nic on each one.
then i connect the cable modem to a hub using cross cable and the 2 pcs with straight cable to the hub??

and what software do i need?

my ip address is dynamic

03-07-00, 10:44 PM
Yes, kinda.

You have several options from basic to exotic, but the closest to your question is:

--put 2 nics in one computer (the "sharing" computer), 1 nic in the other. connect one nic from the sharing computer to the cable modem, and connect the 2 puters together using a crossover cable..no hub.

there is GREAT info regarding all of you options at www.timhiggins.com, (http://www.timhiggins.com,) including this picture:


As for software, same thing: many options! Win98 SE (Second Edition) has the software you need built in (ICS). There are other options as well...again, see http://www.timhiggins.com . A good friend of mine runs the exact setup above and uses win98 and it works great. http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif

Good luck!

03-17-00, 12:46 AM
Do it just like you have said, you only need 1 nic in each comp connected to your hub, then use a crossover cable from your modem to your hub but don't use your uplink port.
Then set your tcp\ip setings in your network
properties to obtain an ip address automaticly. I have 4 comp on a lan and we can all connect at the same time without any
proxy or nat software, and with only 1 dynamic ip address. We can all play UT at the same time, I have adsl so I'm not sure if cable will work.