View Full Version : Using a 3COM NIC Better??

02-27-00, 09:04 PM
Hey. Currently, I'm using a cheap network card that Rogers@Home assigned to me when I signed up, and about a week ago, I connected my cable modem to my friend's laptop in which he has a 3COM NIC. It's a lot faster, even without the tweaks, and I've been tweaking like hell on my computer just to get 40 kbytes upstream. I was wondering if you get a "good" ethernet card, that it increases the performance. Thanks to the repliers. =)

02-27-00, 09:12 PM
I had the very same thoughts, after buying a NIC for my laptop only to find it much faster than my Desktop. I have a PIII550 FCPGA Coppermine, 133mhz sdram desktop (homemade) and a puny PII 233 laptop kicks its ass. But I tried 4 different NIC cards on the PC and no major differences were found. I tried NT4.0, W 98 and no difference. I have no idea why it is this way. I tweaked till I was tweaking the tweaks.

03-01-00, 12:31 AM
I've been considering a 3Com NIC for my PC too. Makes no sense that a cheap laptop is faster then an expesensive PCI NIC, but the only difference I can see is the PCMCIA bus compared to the PCI, although the PCI is faster... which makes it even more confusing.

One Theory I have is that maybe the PCMCIA card's MAC address is a higher priority then normal PCI NIC's MAC addresses. I have shaw@home, and whenever the DHCP server detects a different MAC address, it gives me a new IP and a possiblity a new gateway, but when I go back to my old NIC it gives me the old IP and gateway again. Maybe when you use a PCMICIA card, the DHCP server gives you higher priority gateway or IP. This is probably all ********, but itz a Theory http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif