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02-28-00, 09:47 PM
ok i will start by telling you what i have. 2 computers 1 computer has a eathernet card the other has 2 eathernet cards cause they told me the main comp. has to have 2. i have dsl, i have a 5 port hub all the cables, win proxy. were in the world do i start i need lots of help and i need it spelled out to me in english someone please help this poor pearson before i go pay an extra 10$ amonth for a 2 ip address ... thank you

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03-01-00, 06:29 PM
Cool site.
Do you know if all the Win98SE ICS instructions would apply to Windows 2000 server ICS?
I use win2k as my gateway server


03-01-00, 09:36 PM
tony t thank you for your help i went to the site but it still is not in english for me..