View Full Version : questions about my NIC

cable crip
02-28-00, 08:47 PM
i've just got a 3com fast ethernet card (3c905b-tx) and wondering if it's any good. also there seems to be a upgrade slot on the card and i'm wondering what it is. it seems to be a mem upgrade or something.

02-29-00, 07:25 AM
Very good card, 3Com makes some of the best NIC's.

As for that slot, I know what you are talking about but for the life of me I cannot remember what it is used for. *shrugs* sorry.


03-03-00, 10:18 PM
that "slot" you are reffering to is for a BOOT ROM. Installing a BOOT ROM onto that NIC will allow you to boot a driveless machine, over a network. AKA as a dummy terminal.