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02-22-00, 06:59 PM
I just got a Linksys Etherfast Cable/DSL Router (Model BEFSR41) today, and I've gotten to the configuration page on it, and when I try to change the main configuration (the IP/Gateway/DNS addresses etc. for my cable modem), when I hit the Apply button it asks for a password...this is AFTER I've already given it the default password and had it accepted, as well as if I change the password. However even though it's logged in with the correct password already, it pops up ANOTHER password box, and won't accept ANYTHING that I've tried (default, the one I set, w/ and w/o a username, etc.). I really need to get this main info changed so I can start using my cable modem again on more than one computer!

If anyone else knows a fix for this please let me know...I can wait a little while but if I don't get a response then I'll just call Linksys about it...I've heard this router is great but as I'm sure anyone would agree, it's only great when it's configured and working :-)

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02-22-00, 09:58 PM
Sorry, I don't know the answer but I have one of those in route to me, should receive it Wed or Thurs. I'd like to learn from your experience so if you find a solution please post it.

02-23-00, 09:44 AM
Okay will do, I talked to tech support this morning and the guy said he'd never seen anything like it before and he's supported hundreds of units so far...I downloaded the version 1.15 (1.12 was installed when I got it) firmware upgrade from their website and installed it, but so far no changes on the problem. I'm emailing him and waiting a response after he talks to the devel. team, and if that doesn't resolve it I'll exchange it with buy.com for a new one or however Linksys wants me to go about getting a replacement. I definately want this to work :-)

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02-24-00, 01:58 PM
I got my Linksys box today. It set up just fine and dandy (4 puters sharing RoadRunner). The only thing out of the ordinary I had to do was ping my incoming and outgoing mail servers and assign the IP's instead of the servers names. I upgraded the firmware too, did the quick setup without installing the software on the floppy. I haven't found anything I can't connect to yet (ICQ, FTP, secure web sites). I have 2 Win98 boxes, one Win95 and one Win2000 on this router, it's sweet. Good luck with your problem, those setup screens gave me no trouble.

02-24-00, 11:32 PM

Did you enter your ISP domain name on the router setup home page? That took care of the problem with @home using NEWS and MAIL for the names of the servers for news and mail. It will also take care of using WWW/ to access the @home page.

(Oh, I'm just assuming you are using @home. If not, please accept my apology....)



02-28-00, 10:09 PM
has anyone been able to get more than one computer to connect to Battle.net. So far I've only been able to get one to connect and even then it can only join games, not host them

03-15-00, 10:12 AM
With regards to what Eng was stating,
If you do a search in the Cable modem forum for "tim" or "timhiggins" I believe, you will find a website that addresses some of these issues. I personally had the same problem not connecting to "www" and had to enter the DNS on my tcp/ip setup for the nic as well!
Best of luck!

03-17-00, 01:07 AM
I just purchased the LinkSys router, and have it all working fine, and no problems with the @home names (news, mail).
One thing I am having problems getting to work right though is the forwarding. I have one NT4 Server with IIS4 running, and I want to be able to provide access to it from the Internet. I added port 80, and entered the internal IP of the server. I'm trying to access a file in a virtual directory, and get prompted with the LinkSys Network login box...How do I resolve this?


03-17-00, 08:39 AM
Sorry I can't help you mAgnIM, but I did finally get a replacement router from Linksys and installed it yesterday. Everything works, and two out of three (the most important two no less) of the computers on the network can access the Internet. I think the other computer is having some internal problems, since it's configured identically, but that's a seperate puzzle.

I was able to bypass the password error this time, and after installing a couple of the speed patches on the computers from speedguide.net the speed is great on both computers! Using the DMZ to passthrough access to my computer (which is running BlackICE) works fine, so I still have 'full' internet access on the computer I'm at now.

The non-FQDN servers that @home uses were a small problem at first, but I was able to take care of that with info from timhiggins.com which is an awesome site!

Anyway, thanks for the suggestions, and I'm glad to be finally joining the rest of the people that have (working) Linksys BEFSR41's!

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03-20-00, 01:45 PM
hi dayvid,

i have that router also. when you change any advance settings does the dhcp client table in the router's configuration zero out (i.e. show no computers until you reboot)? of course i am letting the router dynamically assign an ip to each computer.