View Full Version : How do I turn it off?

02-23-00, 06:31 PM
How do I turn off File and Print Sharing throught the Internet? I wanna keep it up on my LAN so I can print from my other computer, but for security reasons I've been told I should shut it off to the net? How do I do any of this?


02-25-00, 01:16 PM
Check out this site:


It's an excellent resource for PC security. The site has a couple of on-line tests available that will test your internet security. I recommend you do them. Where there are security holes, recommendations are made to close the holes.


02-26-00, 05:47 PM
Just goto TCP\IP properties and goto Bindings and uncheck file\print sharing and reboot.

03-17-00, 08:52 PM
Disable the sharing for tcp/ip which is the protocall that is used by the internet. Install the Netbeui protocall and enable the printer sharing. Netbeui will only allow sharing for "your" network.