View Full Version : What's my IP addr?

02-21-00, 11:02 PM
I've installed a DSL router/firewall and it's working great sharing a single DSL connection on a Win98 peer to peer network. I am used to finding my IP for my PPP dialup by running WINIPCFG. Now I have DSL, I can't find my assigned IP by looking at my router, etc. Can anyone help?

02-22-00, 07:55 PM
You should still be able to use WINIPCFG, instead of the PPP adapter select your NIC.

02-23-00, 09:35 AM
type in netstat -r

this will list all your current connections , not including any dialup unless your connected at the time you issue the command.

the list will give you any ip addr that your computer has up, including your router

02-23-00, 06:32 PM
Found it, thanks!