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02-20-00, 08:10 AM
I'm trying to network 2 computers together, each with only 1 network card. I have the 2 computers and the dsl modem plugged into my hub, but each computer can only see itself in network neighborhood. I don't really care about both computers being able to use the modem, I just want both to be able to use a shared printer. Are my settings possibly incorrect or do I need a 2nd card. Thanks.

02-21-00, 11:22 PM
Check your network settings>
Right Click on Network Neighborhood.
Click on Properties.
Click on Identification tab
give both your pc's a unique name.
give them both the SAME workgroup name.
Make sure you have the following:
"client for microsoft networks"
"file and printer sharing"
click on protocol
assign either IPX/SPX or TCP/IP to your network adapter.
If you use TCP/IP. Select it's properties and select "specify and IP address".
assign a non internet address like
Assign a different IP to your other PC's adapter.
assign the same subnet mask to both:
Then you need to go into MY Computer
right click on each of the drives/printers you want to share and allow the appropriate share permissions.
To share a printer you'll have to load the printer software on both of your PCs (follow your printer manufacturer's instructions).
To share your DSL connection, you either need a router (linksys befsr41) or less expensive is another NIC in one of your pcs and hook your dsl connection to it then use some kind of ICS sharing software. Hope this helps.