View Full Version : Opinions on if certain brands of hubs are better

02-19-00, 08:46 PM
I found a Netgear model FS105 5 port 10/100 switch for $89 without shipping which was $8. Anyways my question is if that is a good deal. Which I have done a little shopping around and I believe it is. My bigger question is if it is a GOOD choice? Please give reasons for liking or not liking it if this is the case please. THANKS IN ADVANCE!

02-20-00, 11:08 PM
Any hub or switch will do, the Netgear switch seems a very good choice for its price.

Generally, a switch would be a better choice than a hub, especially if you have more than 2 PCs on your LAN. The switch sends traffic only to the designated port, while hubs broadcast to all ports. A better brandname usually has better components and design, allowing for faster total throughput and a bit lower latency.

02-21-00, 11:19 PM
Here is a GREAT deal on a very good switch. http://www.buy.com/comp/product.asp?sku=10140760

03-03-00, 10:34 PM
I rely on NetGear products. Their parent company, Bay Netorks is well known with high end networking gear. Every piece of my network, from the (11) FA310TX 10\100 network cards, to my FS516 16 port switch, is all NetGear. never a single problem with any of it.

The FS105 is a good switch, my first swtich was an FS108, the 2 are virtually identical, except for the 3 extra ports on the 108.

I'd go with NetGear rather than the linksys. the linksys is quite a bit chunkier than the netgear.

(btw, the one and ONLY part of my network that isn't netgear, is my General Instruments SB3100 cable modem)


03-03-00, 11:52 PM
Thanks LordAthens that is what I was looking for someone has their products. I will purchase that switch then. I have one of the FA310tx nics' and planned on getting a couple more for my other pc's. Thanks again the info has greatly influenced my purchase decision!