View Full Version : VPN connection troubleshooting

02-18-00, 02:01 PM
Anyone have a URL or experience troubleshooting connection to a VPN? I have NT Server at home, cable modem.... have 4 VPN ports setup to dial out and receive, since I will be going both ways (dialing in and out I from the NT Server maching that is!) When I call my attempt to RAS into my NT Server at home from work, I first got a message that the two machines could not negotiate encryption successfully, so I turned off encryption on both ends. Now, I see my work machine being registered on my NT Server network at home, but after 10 seconds or so, I get disconnected with a TCP 718 error. Any ideas or places to go would be helpful.



02-18-00, 02:05 PM
P.S. the 718 is timeout waiting for a response from the PPP Server??????

02-23-00, 11:53 PM
Problem went away when I applied SP6A to work machine (home server was already 6A).