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02-13-00, 04:20 PM
I read some textbooks about networking technology but could not find the clear answer for some question as follow:

1- What is the terminology for the description of each item below:
A: IBM's specifications that describe how users and programs interface ________.
B: Protocol that enables sharing of file systems over TCP/IP networks __________.

2-With reference to the OSI model, What are the major different between LAN and WAN.

I am desperate to look for the answer. Thanks in advance for any input. My Email address ccat@pressroom.com

02-14-00, 10:54 AM
Is this for a test you have to take? LOL

A: IBM spec? Who cares. :-)
B: Hmm... On a Micro$oft network, it would be File and Print Sharing (a service, rather than a protocol) on UNIX you would just set your permisssions on the directories and files, groups, etc...

The diffrence between a LAN and WAN is distance and numbers. Mostly a WAN is an internetwork of LAN's over a wide area. For instance, say you have 300 offices spread throughout the Unites States, each office on a different subnet representing it's own LAN. They are all interconnected by Frame Relay circuits, thus creating a WAN.

02-17-00, 09:24 PM
Don't forget that a major player in determining if a network is a LAN or WAN is the technology involved. For example, FDDI is a MAN technology (Metropolitan Area Network)According to IEEE, WAN would include Frame Relay, ISDN, Dial-Up... Ethernet and Token Ring would be LAN...