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02-11-00, 04:06 PM
I have a FA310TX Netgear pci card that is used for roadrunner. Connection is from pc to Toshiba Cable modem. MSClient not installed as no other pc's connected at this time. There are several options for configuring the netgear adaptor. Currently this is how I have it set up under "advanced tab":

burstlength - 32 DWORDS (what is that?)
connection type - 10 Base-T
Full/Half Duplex - auto sense
speed - 10 Base-T
transmit threshold - 256 Bytes

Are these the best settings or is there a better way?
(cableboy- I think I read that you have a netgear card - same one?)

02-13-00, 03:41 AM
I have RR in Houston TX, and use the exact NIC and cable modem as you do. Those settings work very well for me.

02-13-00, 01:40 PM
Yes TonyT, I do have the same Netgear nic. (the fa310tx). I have tried messing around with the settings, and those work great for me. I tried changing it all around, like 100 Base-T, and full duplex; only to screw up my system even more! I guess you learn by trying, and in your case; you save alot of time by asking. :) Same as Bman, these settings work fine for me. One question, have you any dedicated ram to your nic? I did that and got a speed increase of 30-40 KB/s. Try that out.


02-13-00, 08:31 PM
Thanks guys. I arrived at thos settings the same way you did Cableboy! Trial & error. They seemed to be the ones that worked best but I futzed w/ em so much I forgot my original settings! Turns out them was it!

Yes I tried dedicating 4MB of ram to the card but as I recall I got some error message. So I backed off for the time being until I had a fair ammount of time to trace the problem. But plan on doing it cause I heard good results are obtainable by doing so. I have 96 SDRAM now & will play w/ it again when I go the full 256MB. Wonder what dedicating more than 4MB would do?

02-14-00, 06:20 AM
I dedicated the 4MB and got a speed increase of an average 30-40KB/s more. I say its worth it.


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