View Full Version : Collisions on hub....

02-10-00, 04:28 AM
I get 2 ips with my cable modem so I pluged it in a hub. At first a realy cheep hub and then a real good one a D-Link 100meg hub. And i still get the same amount of collisions. I change my network wire to. And I can't use the 100meg feture it won't work.

02-17-00, 09:27 PM
A lot of collisions? What type of cabling are you using, and have you tried moving to STP cabling instead?

02-18-00, 12:23 PM
I'm using catogory 5 CMT Twisted-R wire... What is that other wire you speak of is it better?

02-21-00, 11:35 PM
You should have got a switch. With a regular hub the data is sent to all the ports before it finds the right one, thus causing collsions. Switch sends data only to the port that is intended.