View Full Version : Who here has the *coolest* network set up in thier house?

02-08-00, 07:40 PM
How many puters?
How fast?
What os?
Through a cable modem?

I want to know who has the best, most sophisticated network here!


02-09-00, 02:58 PM
fine. no one answer!

02-09-00, 03:08 PM
I'll answer this question a little later when I get to work, I'll sit down and type it all out ;-)

02-09-00, 07:56 PM
I got like 5 PCs (one is usually off with all the guts out), 16 port 10/100 switch and some internet sharing routers around... Nothing fancy though, just good quality components. All 3COM 10/100 NICs. As far as OS, we currently run Win2000 Pro, Win98SE, Win95 and Linux.

02-09-00, 08:22 PM
good variety going there philip! yea I like to mess around with linux as well. I have like 5 desktops and 2 laptops. Haven't really felt the urge to build a great home network cause I don't really need it yet. It will come, oh yes, it will come. <--(famous quote from Wanes World... remember? well I altered it a bit to fit here). Sorry for that useless fact. Looking forward to your book brent http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/wink.gif... as many people also do, I have pc guts hanging out all over the place, and a box of extras in the closet in case I need to do some surgery.


02-09-00, 09:08 PM
Now I can tell my wife that I'm not the only that has parts laying everywhere around the house, in the kitchen, in the garage, in the yard, in the neighbors yard, etc, etc,......Got a small network with two desktops and one laptop all dual boot with NT and 98. 1 bay 16 port 10BT. All 3Com 905b's. 3 more days to the cable modem. Planning on using WinProxy.

02-11-00, 08:06 AM
I have 8 pc's. I use a 3Com SuperStacker 12 port dual speed switch, and a diskless linux router. I have an Intel Pro 100 print server running 3 printers. The os varies, from 2000 advanced server, to SuSE LiNUX, to Free BSD, to Win98, to DOS (yes good old DOS).

02-11-00, 12:24 PM
I have a modest set up http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif
1 server running NT4/Debian Linux with 2 10/100 nics, 5 port 10/100 autosensing switch connected to a cable modem.
I use NAT on the NT4 side and my preferred software is Winroute. The Linux side of things isn't working to well yet http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif
I have 2 other PC's with 10/100 nics running 98, nt4, and Debian.... it's fun for gaming and surfing.... very fast!.

02-11-00, 10:58 PM
Yea Raider, you aren't the only one! Hey tool and bman, those are some nice setups. Everyone has thier own little style, with thier own choice of OS's... Now I am all excited to get some kind of network set up for my puters!


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02-14-00, 06:25 AM

02-15-00, 01:24 PM
Well, I have the most modest network set up of all. Three computers, all running W98SE, All Netgear NIC's and a four port 10/100 hub. (Yes, I know switches are better, and yes I know Netgear isn't the best) It works great for my purposes. It was incredibly inexpensive and has been 100% solid. The main thing is that I'm glad that I'm not the only geek with a box full of computer parts in his closet. I've built three computers, from parts in that box, for friends that didn't have the money to buy one. That's how I rationalize it... It's my good deed.

02-15-00, 07:53 PM
I have also built several computers for friends. My favorite computer store ever is this little corner place with a basement full of old parts. They have everything there.... from a battery for an Epson laptop circa 1986 to windows 2.1 or whatever the first windows was. They have shelves lined with cases, power supplies, old computer books, moniters, mobos, ram, cards, keyboards, mice, box fans, old software, complete systems... just about anything you would want! Its awesome.


02-19-00, 05:18 PM
Well, here's my setup:

Wingate/Proxy server running debian linux, connected to DSL modem & hub.

On the hub, 2 linux desktops, 2 linux laptops, one desktop Win98SE/Win2k Adv. Serv/Win Millennium Beta2 triple boot. I use the windows box for gaming, and the linux boxes for everything else http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif


02-23-00, 09:47 AM
Win 98SE on my gaming machine (PII 400, 128 SDRAM), next to it there's my redhat 6.0 box (P166 64 simm) and connected to my entertainment system (for cool mp3 output, and broadband televesion) in the living room is my Win98SE laptop (P233 48 sdram).

These are all connected to a 10Mb 4 port hub.
All my NICs are 10 Mb full dup/auto select.

I want to change my laptop to a wireless typoe connect, I haven't decided which one.

02-24-00, 05:55 PM
I want to get a laptop with an Athlon! But thats not possible yet :(

What I really need is something that I can game with on the road. Now all I need is a wireless t3 line to go to my laptop so I can play online.

Yea! THATS what Im going to get.


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06-17-00, 04:17 PM

16 Port hub 10MB =(
3 Linux boxes:
1 Masquerader/FTP/HTTP server
1 Fileserver
1 Postgress DB server
(all running RH 5.1 =( )
2 Win98SE production machines
1 WinNT production machine
1 Pentium133 laptop mobile production machine

COX@Home Cable
SAMSUNG cable modem
1 Celeron366 win98SE running ICS
1 PentiumIII 500 Win2000 Client (roomate's)

neither setups are optimal but the get the job done just fine =)

06-17-00, 10:10 PM
Home setup

PIII 600
Shared printer
Cable connection to a 10mbit 4 port hub
From hub to a Netgear RT311 router
Linksys NIC

Second computer (daughters)
Mutt P166
3com NIC
Hooked to 4 port hub

Third computer (wifes)
Compaq laptop
Linksys USB NIC
Uses it when she gets tired of her dialup
Hooked to a second hub, which in turn is hooked to the 1st hub

Fourth computer (sons)
Home built Celeron 366
Linksys NIC
Hooked to second hub, which is hooked to first hub again

Had to install a second hub, because my wife won't let me drill a hole in our ceiling (dammit). My sons computer is in a room with a stairwell between mine. So it is either run a cable through our ceiling, or run it across the floor in front of the stairway. As soon as my wife trips over it and takes a trip down the stairs, I will get to drill that hole. Which all of the hub stuff could have been solved if my Linksys router wouldn't have corrupted my files. I got tired and went and got me the Netgear, even though I still have the Linsys sitting right next to me. Maybe I will just hook it up somewhere in the network if they actually have the firmware fixed.

06-17-00, 10:12 PM
Oh, and all running 98, except for my daughters, who is running 95.

06-18-00, 03:40 PM
lol, Hardfloor, took some convincing to my paretns but they let me drill a hole through the floor into the wall to run a cable. We're getting DSL and my parents wanted to network our two comps so they could share the DSL, my rooms in the basement they're on the second floor. Had to drill a hole in the room, sanke the wire down, drill a hole into the basement from the first floor, snanke the wire through. Then it was easy sailing running the wire across my drop celing.

Anywho my setp:

Comp 1 (Mine)
Athlon 600
128mb ram
Linksys NIC to linksys 5 port hub
3com SDSL Modem (soon)

Comp 2 (families)
K6-2 300
64mb ram
Linksys NIC to hub


06-19-00, 08:10 AM
This is what I have:

Network drops in all rooms that have been run to a 12 port patch panel which is located in my furnace room as a central point. From the patch panel they are hooked into a 8 port SMC 10/100 hub which is then hooked into my cable modem. Cable is using DHCP so each of my systems get their own network address. Here are the computer configuations:

My computers:

Intel PIII 450
384Megs Ram
44 Gigs HD space
Combination of IDE and SCSI
3COM 10/100 NIC

Pentium II 266
128 Megs Ram
8 Gig HD IDE
Win2000 Professional
3COM 10/100 NIC

Pentium 166
128Megs Ram
9gig SCSI HD
3COM 10/100 NIC

Pentium 166
64 Megs Ram
4 Gig SCSI
SMC 8432 NIC
NT4.0 Workstation

Dell Latitude Notebook
128Mgs Ram
3COM 10/100 Cardbus

Acer 233 Laptop
128Megs ram
10mbit NIC thru Docking station

PIII 450
128Megs Ram
3COM 10/100 nic

And in the process of building a few more. I will eventually have one in every room. If my wife lets me.

06-21-00, 08:50 AM
Here's my little home LAN setup:

4PCs, 1NT Server
1Printer Server
10/100Mps hub
Running some Linux, Novell, NT4, Win98, W2Ks.

Go figure. Not much details.

06-21-00, 04:08 PM
cable modem plugged into Linksys 5-port 10/100 switch

NIC #1 of Linux/Windows computer plugged into switch (gets own IP)

Linksys Cable/DSL router plugged into switch

NIC #2 of Linux/Windows computer plugged into router (with router set to not send internet to this machine)

2 other Windows computers plugged into router

cheap 5-port 10base-t hub plugged into router's uplink port

Mac clone plugged into hub

Hawking print server plugged into hub

so, 2 Windows boxes (Athlon 550 and K6-2 500); 1 Linux Mandrake/Windows box (K6-III 450); 1 Mac clone (Power Computing 100 MHz); 1 print server

1 switch; 1 router; 1 hub

friends who bring computers over just plug into the hub

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06-22-00, 03:50 PM
(4)PC's on 10/100 3Com Nic's with a 8 Port 3Com Hub 10/100.

Sharing Cable Modem via Winroute.......

(1) Win2000 Pro; Pentium II 450; 160 RAM
(2) Win98SE; Celeron 433; 96RAM "GAMES"
(3) Win98; Celeron 366; 64RAM "Wife's Office"
(4) WinNT Server; 233MMX; 96RAM-FTP-Web Server-MAIL, ETC ....

(2) Printers, Laser Jet, Desk Jet Pro via Jet Direct.

06-23-00, 05:46 AM
Server: Compaq Proliant 6500 Win2k Server
4X450 PII Zeon
786mb RAM
Internal storage: 70GB raid 5 (hardware raid)
External storage: 32GB raid 5 (Fiber Channel storage Box)***UPDATE**** Just upgraded the External to 121gig (144 before the raid overhead)*****
35/70 DLT
Dual Compaq NC3120 NICs (Intel)
Compaq rack mount UPS

My PC: P3-750 on Abit BX6-2.0 mainboard
523mb PC-100 RAM
Diamond Fire Port 40 SCSI Controller
4GB and 9GB IBM 7200 RPM SCSI Drives
Aopen 48X CD-ROM
Zip Drive (internal)
Viper 770 Ultra AGP video card
Soundblaster Live! Value sound card
Hauppauge Win/TV card
Compaq NC3120 NIC (Intel)
Win2k Pro
Lots of Fans.. http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif

Laptop: Compaq Armada 7400
P2-366 w/128mb RAM
Win2k Pro

Wife’s PC: Compaq Deskpro
128mb RAM
Adaptec 2940UW SCSI controller
9GB IBM 7200 RPM SCSI drive
Win2k Pro

Network: Bay Networks 24 port Bay-Stac 10/100 Switch
Netgear RT311 DSL/Cable Gateway Router
Alcatel 1000 DSL modem - 1.5mb down/128kb down (soon to be upgraded :0)

Every room in the house is wired for 100mb network, never can tell when you might want to have a few friends over for a frag fest!!! http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif

Several “boxes” laying around that have come to me for help that will soon be used as boat anchors. I will learn one day to ask “how much money you got” before I agree to take a look at someone’s mess.. http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/frown.gif

That’s it… for now!! http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/tongue.gif

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06-25-00, 01:05 AM
P3 900mhz (600 o/c)
INTEL Etherexpress 10/100 pro
3Dfx Voodoo3 200 o/c - 200mhz

Two P2 450's with about the same setup
just DLINK 10/100 network cards.

One P200MMX o/c -- 262 and a Old Dell dimension XPS Pentium 90 with also about the same setup as the P2 450's.

DLINK 8 Port 10/100 switch
Terayon DOCSIS 40Mbitdown/10mbit up cable modem.


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06-26-00, 12:35 AM
I duno how well mine is.... cause i dont have the money just a few computers...but my friends is a bit more impressive

2 windows 200 servers : one p3 600 one p3 667 both have 256 ram large HDs runnin vpn servers and a few other handy dandy servers n stuff and a windows 200 workstation sharing the internet connection and runnin a TFC server (cheektavegas ghetto server) all hooked to a vga/mouse/keyboard switch witha 21 inch monitor. a celeron 300a @450 98 megs of ram viper770 sblive 3com 10/100 21inch monitor, alathlon 800 voodoo 2 sblive 17 inch monoitor 2 pentium 233s 3 gig 64 ram 10/100 bay stack 16port downstairs uplinked toa 3com 8 port upstairs (servers) a few laptops p300 and a p2 450 128 ram on both dvd drive on one. on saturday nights that adds a few more computers cause of frag fest every week on our TFC server ( then there are a few computers that are remotely connect to the network through vpn =] al in all it lots of fun and lots of gigs

06-27-00, 09:44 AM
My pcs arent that impressive, one is a p2 333 running 98 the other is a p3 450 running 98 too, and it has linux on it, but i got tired of fooling with linux for awhile. the fun of the network is that one pc is on the other side of the house. My dad and i decided to run the cable down the ventalation shaft. so we whipped out one of my old rc cars and tied the rj45 to it and sent her down the shaft, about halfway the antenna went bad because of all the interference from the metal shaft, so we had to get a broom and nudge it further and further down, all this because my mom didnt want a cable going through 3 rooms....women sheesh..hehe just kidding. well it was quite an experience, then to finish it my dad drilled a hole in the shaft got the cable out and then drilled into the wall and dropped the cable down. the network works great and we have cable shared over it. we had a lot of fun putting it all together and trying to get the car down was a blast.

06-28-00, 01:09 AM
Ok here is mine

Yes I am a computer geek from hell:

I fished all my walls with cat5 and mounted jacks on them.

I have a DSL modem attached to a computer running NAT(Winroute) and an FTP server for my friends http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif.

I have a computer in the living room that plays DVD's with a decoder card. Its also my storage for my FTP running on my gateway computer, and it has lots of MP3's because its attached to my Kenwood/Infinity Stereo/Speaker System.

I have a DSS-8+ 10/100 8 port switch, all 10/100 NICS, but Im not getting fast rates http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/frown.gif

I have two other computers with Win2k and Win98

I have a p75 running Linux and Apache webserver.

Oh and I have 3 spare 486's, complete computers, lying around, 3 spare monitors, and about 6 boxes full of spare parts...


Bob Campbell
07-03-00, 09:51 PM
2-super fun networked computers:

No. 1 >> is Sprint Wireless (4,000K down)
Broadband connection
Static IP
K6 450
Win 98
2 NICs 10/100
3-Com Hub

No. 2 >> is Linux Box
Pentium 150
SCSI 10Gig HD (very fast)
Static "Device IP" Networked to
the 2nd NIC in my Windows box
Running ManDrake 5.3
Apache WebServer
FTP Server
Proxy Server

I have my very own web/ftp-server built
right into my LAN or INTRANET, very cool for
designing Websites, PHP, Perl, UNIX scripts

Next step is to get it set up so I can
telnet into my Linux Webserver from
anywhere.. going to install a LinkSys
Router this weekend to throw it on the
Internet.. enjoyed this posting.. was
fun.. thanks, Bob

07-07-00, 01:29 PM
Ok, here goes...

server 1. 486 with quickchip 32 megs, Winroute Pro nat
software sharing Comcast @Home cable service.
Sambar server running web and ftpsites.

machine 1. K6-2 475 64 megs, intel 10/100 nic

machine 2. K6-2 500 128 megs, intel 10/100 nic

Laptop 1. K6-2 475 96 megs, intel realport nic

machine 3. K6-2 300 64 megs, intel 10/100 nic

machine 4. K6-2 400 128 megs, intel 10/100 nic

Hub 1. DLink 5 port 10/100 hub
hub 2. No name 8 Port 10baseT hub
hub 3. Bay Networks Multiplane Rackmount Chassis with 2 blades,
(1) Media convertor (2) 10 base switch

OS vary a lot, depending on our moods, we may have running simultaneously
1. Win 2000 Pro.
2. Win 98 se
3. Win 95
4. Linux (Slackware distro)
5. Be OS
6. Win NT (either is the same.)

Entire house is run for cable in everyroom but the bathroom and we're contemplating it.
Hubs are arranged in a multiple star configuration. All wires one hub (5 port) and the
server are in our server closet (aka front coat closet)

The other 2 hubs are connected to the wall plates via uplink ports or crossover cables just so
we can have multiple ethernet jacks near our desks..

07-08-00, 05:19 PM
Cool topic... ok here it is..
ROOM: Server Closet
Pentium pro 200 128 ram 40gig storage server
(t’s old but a great server! nt4 primary domain controller)
Pentium II 300 128MEG 10 GIG (NT4 server / MSProxy Server secondary domain)
Home Run all cables (voice, data, phone, catv)
12Port CAT 5 Patch panel (wall mounted)
66Block for all phone lines
CATV Distribution for all rooms
Cable Modem (into proxy)
3 Port 10/100 Switch
16 Port 10/100 Hub
APC 1000Va UPS

All Rooms in house (yes the bathrooms too! GEEK ALERT!)
2 – CAT5 RUNS (1 for network 1 for phone with extra pairs!)
2 – RG6 Cable TV Runs (1 For Cable TV 1 for expansion!)
Total of 6 pc’s (1 in each bedroom and the 2 servers)

Bathroom Idea
Ran all cable runs to bathroom but left coiled slack in attic above bathroom
Here is why!
Have Purchased a 15’’ Flat touch screen
Want to build a pc for it and install it on a
Swing arm from above in the master bathroom
So while you are soaking in the big tub for 2
You can either use the PC or watch TV on the monitor
with the TV tuner. I have to find some small but good
Speakers , or fly speakers in the bathroom for the audio
Relaxing in the tub playing my favorite MP3’s! When I
Am not in the bathroom the swing arm can be pushed up
And out of the way!

P.S. I am a Network Engineer; I suppose if I was a mechanic I would have lost of cars.

07-12-00, 02:40 PM
kinda gave up counting when I could not see the floor anymore, however, I can say that my power bill is somewhere in the $250 range per month. My daughter started selling them out the back door so her mattress would lay flat :-}

07-17-00, 01:15 PM
I have my house wired so I can share a cable modem with a couple of computers.

The cable modem is in a bedroom, hooked into a 10MB/s 5-port SOHOware hub via the uplink port (or whatever it's called). The wires then run to the master bedroom, my room, and the den. I ran the wires under the house (I don't know how to physically run them through the walls, I have no construction expertise, if anybody has tips...) through a point in the wall that goes to the crawlspace under the house. From the crawlspace I drilled holes in the floor to shove the cable through. Basically I just have cables coming from my floor with an ethernet plug on them http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif

I was too lazy to set up any kind of proxy/server, and didn't have the oppurtunity to get a router, so I just got an additional IP address from @Home.

07-17-00, 11:14 PM
here we go

personal home network run all through telephone line in my house. (different from DSL and phone service)

Linux OS
4 comps

Win2K OS
3 comps
1 laptop

Win98 OS
2 laptops

Unix OS
7 comps

(all have DSL internet access through network) using netgears phoneline networking technology. -- well there ya have it folks! my home network http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/biggrin.gif http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/biggrin.gif


07-21-00, 02:16 PM
Ran Cat 5 threw my House.

My Lan Config:
Router - PII 333, 128 meg - Win2K
Game Server - Dual Xeon PII450's with 2meg cache each, 512 meg - Win2k
Game1 - PIII 750, 256 meg - Win2k
Game2 - PIII 600, 256 meg - Win98
Game3 - PIII 450, 256 meg - Win98
Adding Web Server - Dual Xeon PII400's with 1 meg cache, 256 meg - (just need MB, on order) - Win2K

Three printers shared

Tied on 100Mb Lan threw 8 port 10/100 switch. Have a second switch new in box for growth.

Oh yea Lap Tops:
Compaq 1750 - PII366 - 128 meg
IBM 390x - PII400 - 64 meg

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07-23-00, 07:34 AM
Okay, here we go:

4 Win98 Comps (PIII500 / PII450 / PII233 / P1MMX 166, all Networked, 2x 3COM 10/100, 2x NoName 10mbit)

1 Linux Comp (P1 133 / 98 mb Ram or something like that).

3 Win98 Comps are on the same floor, 1 Hub in that floor, 1 comp has about 6 feet cable, the other two have about 40-60 feet cable on this one.

The Hub is a SOHO 10/100 8 Port...(upper floor)...there goes a cable, about 90 feet down (2 floors under this one); there's another hub, 3Com, 4 Port 10/100 and 2 comps (the linux one and the PI233 win98).

Another Cable exists the hub down there right into the router (Lucent DSL Pipe) currently only connected @128/128 (hey! we can't get much more here in switzerland) - will be upgraded to 256/64. All comps are connected to the net thru NAT (Network Adress Translation).

Oh well, thats it...err...all cables are CAT5 >D


07-23-00, 11:24 PM
Well we have my house wired to both my neighbors houses with 100-Base-T
1 NetWare 5.0 Server Running NetScape Enterprise Web Server
1 NetWare 5.1 Server hosting our NNTP server
1 MS Win2k Advanced Server for testing.
7 Desktops Running Win95
3 Laptops Running Win2k Pro
All ported to the net through a Zyxel 641 with a small biz 1.5 mb DSL account from www.bestweb.net (http://www.bestweb.net)

And some people say we are nuts http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/biggrin.gif

Mike Maynard http://www.ccnyi.com

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07-24-00, 10:55 PM
OK, why not....
5 desktops, 2 laptops all with 3comm nics.
14 port SMC hub
Netgear RT311 router
Win 3.11-2
Win 95- NT 4.0 dual boot-1
NT 4.0-1
All running Road Runner through the router-
2 computers in the bedroom-with the wife's blessing!

07-25-00, 12:01 AM
My next upgrade. I may make it a Half-Life server.

"Due to the machine's classification as weapons-grade hardware, this auction is closed to all foreign nationals not in possession of the appropriate Department of Defense and Commerce Department documents. It will not be shipped beyond the borders of the United States. The buyer must be prepared to sign the appropriate waivers stipulating that this machine will not be used for nuclear, biological or other weapons research."

Can be yours for about 106,000 bucks! Buy two, and use them for, umm..stuff! (wink) "128bit 3DES encryption my left PINKY! Muuuuahahahaha!!!!" Ahem.


"Yeah Baby, YEAH!!!"

08-03-00, 07:56 AM
Ok, pIII-600 Dell refurbished Poweredge server, W2K Advanced. P-III 600 (main machine) WinME, W2K Pro, W2k Server. 5 misc computers p-2 and above running win98se and nt4. Dell latitude laptop with 13.3" screen ripped apart installed in mountianeer, with dvd player, and wireless nic. Dell inspiron P-3 600 15" for business use.

Next project is to put the inspiron in my new lincoln and replace with a new box.

08-11-00, 11:15 PM
Ok, here's what I'm running atm...

A windows NT 4 Enterprise Server acting as a primary domain controller, with (depending on the day) no less thatn 5 clients running various Windows 9x / 2000's, and a BSD box acting as an mp3 jukebox for the entire network.

This network is in a trust relationship with a nother one across town, running 2 NT4 servers (1 as PDC, one as a DNS/Database Server, with 4 various Win 9x boxes as clients.

09-07-00, 09:14 PM
apparently i am not alone....

Mine p3 450
Wife celeron 500
Son amd 233
Daughter celeron 400

Me and the Wife are on a hub, each with an
ip from the cable company, she has 2 nics, and is on a second hub running sygate for the kids.

i should have bought a router, my cieling looks like swiss cheese, im in the garage
with a window air unit rattling over my head
cuz my overclocked cpu is so hot,ive spent more on computer parts this year than i did for my wifes bithday and christmas combined.
and i can barely get out of my little garage coffin, because of all the 14.4 modems, and 100 meg hard drives laying around in boxes

by the way, im not addicted to tech....

09-08-00, 12:58 PM
SB3100 Cable modem
Linksys Cable/DSL router
Netgear switch
All PCs use D-Link NICs
ZoneAlarm (registered and paid)

1. Athlon 700/128MB/Win98/Millenium
gaming machine
2. Athlon 600/256MB/NT4/Win2000
3. AMD K6-3/400/128MB/NT4/Win2000
gaming/Oracle box
4. Intel Pentium2/350/96MB/Win98
gaming machine

Everything is a peer to peer, but when I get around to it, I'm building a 5th PC right now (Intel P3/500/128MB/NT4 Server) that will be the PDC and perform DHCP functions.

09-13-00, 08:20 AM
Just got cable last week, so this setup may change as I become more savvy with all this...

My comp: AMD K6-2/550 (Win98SE)
Dad's comp: Intel PIII-500 (WinME)
Mom's comp: AMD K6-2/366 (WinME)

All comps are networked with Network Everywhere Fast Ethercard 10/100 NICs. Running thru a Linksys 5-port hub. Two NICs in mom's comp as it's the server pc w/ a Toshiba PCX1100 Cable Modem with cableone.net as our ISP. We're sharing the connection using WinRoute Lite 4.1 (registered). w00t! http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif

10-10-00, 03:45 PM
Ok here we go.. Not like some of the setups on here but it has potential.

4 systems total tied together via a SMC 12 port 100TX hub (Nice Rack Mount Kind) I just got @HOME service bout 3 weeks ago and am in the process of getting that introduced into the network either by NAT or if I get pissed off enough I will buy a linksys router.

The systems:

PDC = K62350, 128MBRAM, 24GB Storage(ALL SCSI)Running NTSVR4(SP5), 3C905C-TX NIC

BDC = P166, 64MBRAM, 15GB Storage(UDMA66)Running NTSVR4(SP5), 3C905C-TX NIC

ICS Server = 233MMX, 98MBRAM, 14GB Storage(IDE33), Running whatever OS I decided on, Could be UNIX or Win based, Intel Pro 100 NIC (internal network side) and a 3C905C-TX for the cable modem.

My machine = Athlon 700, 256MBRAM, 20GB Storage(UDMA66), running 98SE(for now), SBLIVE, Voodoo 3 AGP

I hope I got it all..

02-11-01, 12:05 AM
Office #1
Redundant T1. Web server 384mb 600MHz, raid controller with 2 20gig IBM 2mb cache in removable drive bays. 1 mail server. pri and sec dns. and one backup/ file server. cisco router (older one...even have to use a seperate csu/dsu) preparing to migrate this to home location cause I live a block away from the phone company.

Office #2 (storefront)

DSL. 14 computers networked using a linksys router and a 16port 3com hub (the router bounces the traffic back anyway so I didn't want to spend the money on a switch). computers range from a 600celeron to a 1gig pIII and tt-bird. No servers on this line. (darn phone company wanted me to pay $5 extra for each computer and told me that the router would not work! HAD to prove them wrong)

Location #3
Home Network #1.
@home cable. using a linksys gateway with 4 port switch built-in. 1 all-in-one 500MHz, 128mb running windows ME, and one (the only one I use) with 1gig t-bird, 512pc133, voodoo5500, sb live, kingston nic.

Home network #2.
SDSL 2.3mbit. 2 paradyne routers (1 is backup incase of primary failure). 24port 10/100 switch (of course the 100 is useless cause everyting on outside is on 10 but it can never reach 10 anyway). 2 p3web servers with 384mb ram NT, 1 amd web app server, 1 amd secure server, 1 pri dns, 1 sec dns, 1 mail server, 1 box running stats, and 1 bckup/file server that backups the rest of the network servers, and a BUNCH of apc UPS ( a couple of 1400 smart ups and a lot of 500-ups). and a excedrin dispenser for all of the headaches that comes with a network like this. (please do not try any of this at home!)

CM Weaver
02-11-01, 12:55 AM
*toot* *toot*, LOL. A thread that's been dead for 4 months :) Not to mention it's talking about networks at your HOUSE :)

Sorry, couldn't resist.

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02-14-01, 01:46 AM
My God....I hope none of you is into guns..... :eek:

02-14-01, 02:57 AM
lets see........on the second story i have my system p3 500@600 win2kpro with all the bells and wistles, p150 win98se in my sisters room and a 486 DX33 in the family room...all have a 10 base T network card with RJ45 CAT5 cables running from the rooms, up through the ceiling into the atic and down into my room to a 10 base T hub. The hub connects to a Netgear router via cable going from my second story room in the basement where the router connects to my DSL modem.
there is also a P2 400 with win2k in the living room that connects directly to my router in the basement. all computers can see each other using tcp/ip...all have high speed internet access

[ 02-14-2001: Message edited by: nightowl ]

02-14-01, 03:31 AM
4 PC's all together. 2 Desktops (Custom) and 2 laptops (Toshiba and Sharp)all hooked up through a Linky Cable Router. Both desktops are in my bedroom with the Win2K client (Main System) in DMZ, then 1 laptop in each other bedroom.

02-14-01, 08:35 AM
3 pc's with Roadrunner isp,with Linksys switch router.

02-15-01, 08:37 AM
WinME sharing my dial up 56k modem to both a wireless card and a regular cat5 setup.

Laptop on the wireless, 3rd computer on the cat5.

Some people don't have access to affordable broadband.

02-28-01, 02:45 AM
I have a windows 2000 advanced server setup as a router, with dns installed and it is also a domain controller for my internal domain. i use NAT for internet connectivity. my win2k router has two nics one from the cable modem into the server the other nic goes to my 4 port hub, from there i have a win2k pro box that logs onto my domain through the hub and a win98 box that also logs onto my domain, i have the coolest setup because i can play with group policy, anyone who knows anything about group policy will agree with me im sure.... ;)

03-02-01, 05:35 PM
duron 1000mhz cable modem-3com- via nic
proxim wireless usb nic
k6-3d 500mhz proxim wireless pci nic
k5 333mhz proxim wireless pci nic

c333 proxim wireless pcmia card

have wireless gateway but not installed to use cable without being attached to server. using proxim software to run network and to share cable modem

03-02-01, 08:00 PM
All you guys beat me :(

I didn't drill holes to run the wires though like some of you guys did, so I went and bought a 50ft RJ45 and attatched that to a 12ft RJ45 (LOL) and networked both of my PC's. One's up on the 2nd floor and mine's in my room on the 1st floor. Thinking about making a comp to put in the basement so there'll be 3 comps in all 3 floors :D


IBM Aptiva
Pentium MMX 233MHz
Linksys NIC
Windows 2000 Pro
Printer (shared)
Connected to Linksys 5 port switch

My Room:
Dell 4100 Dimension
Linksys NIC
Windows 98SE
Connected to Linksys 5 port switch
Cable modem: Toshiba PCX1100

03-02-01, 08:12 PM
We have 5 computers; 4 running Windows ME, 1 running Mac OS 9.1. Three of the computers (2 Win Me's and 1 mac) is connected into a 4 port 10 Mbps hub and is uploaded to a main room where everything is connected. It connects to an 8 port 100 Mbps switch. The server running Win ME is coming from upstairs into the switch. The laptop coming from the top story is also going into the switch. The switch is then connected to our Linksys router. Pretty cool except for the hub. You can't see much of a difference anyway though. I'll post some pics.
There is always a lot of traffic and collisions on our network because everything is coming from one server (Desktop, My Documents, Temp. Internet Files, etc.)

I really like what I have done though and my whole family is proud of me. They like that wherever they sit they'll get the same thing and they also like the Road Runner :D :D !

[ 03-02-2001: Message edited by: tekelberry ]

03-02-01, 09:44 PM
Hum,what do we have today,changes constantly,sold the lap last week so its out of the pic but
866 PIII, dual purpose, mine and also serving the house right now
Wife 500 Cel
thems on the first floor 5 port linksys hub uplinkinking to the second floor to a 4 port link all 10/100, CAT 5, lost count of how many meters of that stuff, should have bought the roll. Still need to clean up and put wall jacks in. brat 1 500 cel on a gigabyte MB, brat 2 450 PIII on a gigabyte MB brat 3 350 PII on a houstontek MB all have 17"TTX monitors and 128 megs ram, wife hase 196 megs and the 866 PIII 256 megs, an I win the monitor wars in the house with a 20" Viewsonic.
DSL with Winproxy on the 866 for the time being LINKY died in under 24 hours of severe Napster downoading.........lol
Oh well, might just upgrade the wifes, give number 3 the 500 and built the 350 as a NT gateway, but thats next weeks project.

[ 03-02-2001: Message edited by: Martiangod ]

03-03-01, 09:31 AM
Not as sophisticated as othersbut, well..
I have 3 desktop as follows and laptop connected via dsl modem, plus addtron router, 4 port 10/100 switch, 100Mbit ethernet.

PC 1: Sony Vaio Intel Pentium3 733Mhz/133/256MB

PC 2: Home built. Intel Pentium2 600Mhz/100/128MB

PC3: Emachine. IntelPentium3 500Mhz/100/128MB

Laptop: IBM Thinkpad. IntelPentium3 750Mhz/256MB

PC 1 is my primary use PC and (and nice looking) with flatpanel, etc.

PC2 is server configured for security camera watching, netmeeting sessions, MP3 jukebox (w/ honkin sound system), gaming, and fileserver/backup.

PC3 is for guests. Use it for lan gaming.

Laptop is for work.

I want to upgrade to Intel Pentium4 soon for heavy duty gaming and video editing and usual multimedia.

Originally posted by cableboy:
How many puters?
How fast?
What os?
Through a cable modem?

I want to know who has the best, most sophisticated network here!


04-02-01, 05:28 PM
well i be a little late posting my home set-up, but here it is.

celeron 533
256 Megs Ram
Netgear FA-311 10/100 NIC

numbers 2,3,4:
wife's, son's, daughter's:
celeron 533
128 Megs Ram
Netgear FA-311 10/100 NIC

all of the above are connectioned to @home using, a Netgear RT/314 10/100 switch/hub. these puters were built by yours truly. Not bad for an old truck driver, hey.

the oldies, but goodies?
Pentium Pro 150
48 Megs Ram
10/100 NIC


i am currently builting a new puter using the following.

Asus A7V 133 mobo
(2) IBM 45 GB 7200rpm HDD
512 Megs Ram

starting my mcse training and will also be builting 2 puters for that. :D

[ 04-02-2001: Message edited by: homeuser2 ]

04-02-01, 07:20 PM
Switched 100Mb Ethernet, 10Mb/768kb Motorola cable modem.

Home PC - P2-550, 128MB RAM, 13GB Hdd.
Laptop - IBM Thinkpad, P3-700, 128MB, 12GB
Servers: AMDK6-2/450, P2-400, P-166 gateway router.


Switched 100Mbps ethernet to all phones (Cisco IP phones) and all desktop computers. Phones and computers placed on separate VLANs. Using VLAN tagging through Cisco 3548 switches linked to a core switch via Gigabit Ethernet. Cisco 5300 Access server as Voice over IP Gateway. Compaq Proliant Windows2000 Servers:

Fileserver - P3-733, 512MB RAM, 2 x 9.1GB + 2 x 36GB SCSI mirrored, HP 80GB DLT drive

Exchange server - P3-733 512MB RAM, 2 x 9.1GB + 2 x 36GB SCSI mirrored disks

Cisco Call Manager - P3-866, 1024MB RAM, 2 x 18.2GB Mirror, Cisco Call Manager 3.0

NetworkAppliance Filer F720, 7 x 36GB disks, dual PSU.

4 x Sun E220 Enterprise Servers
4 x Compaq Proliant DL-360 (the 1RU 1.5" high ones).

Cisco 7204vxr gateway router, connected to Internet via 2 x 6Mb ADSL, additional 6Mb ADSL for ISP Management network. Internet via STM1 (155Mbps) and Fast Ethernet (100Mbps) redundant.

The phones can be found here: http://www.cisco.com/warp/public/cc/pd/tlhw/prodlit/7960_ds.htm

Tom Sykes
Melbourne, Australia
2nd Year, B.Eng (Comms)

[ 04-02-2001: Message edited by: tomsykes ]

04-03-01, 09:41 PM
Well, fairly simple, got 1 pc dual 98-2000pro and win2k server as my gateway (NAT) w/cable modem and Laptop going on and off for work and personal. Have a Risc6000with Unix AIX 4.2 all into a 3com10. with IP HPlaser.


04-05-01, 01:07 AM
Where did this Thread come from :confused:

oh well mine is really simple....

I've got

#1 Cel400 512MB RAM 25.4gig HD D-Link DFE-530TX
#2 K6300@333 soon to be K6-3 500 128MB RAM 9.02GB HD D-Link DFE-530TX+

networked with a 27ft XO Cat5 Cable.
As soon as they get 2-way cable modems going around here, I'll be adding a router.

04-05-01, 03:16 AM
Damn, I can't believe that someone actually brought this thread back, LOL, this thread is old.

04-05-01, 05:56 PM
This thread is so old we may all have to start over again, you know how things change....lol

04-06-01, 05:46 AM
aDSL with BiznessOnline
Netopia R910 router
3Com Office Connect Hub
HP JetDirect 170 for networked HP Deskjet

My rig:Homebuilt with pride
Antec black file server case/330 watter
Asus CUSL2/PIII750E @ 998
Golden Orb cooling
256 megs Crucial ECC PC100
3COM 905C
GeForce DDR/Optiquest 17"
Boston Acoustics sat/sub speakers on SB Live

Game Server:Old Mutt
Old Micron case/230 watter
Abit BH-6/PIII 650E @ 866
Golden Orb cooling
128 megs Viking PC100
3COM 905B
ATI Rage/Voodoo2 SLI graphics
Sony Trini 17"
CL speakers/Aureal sound
Dual boot NT 4 Server as stand alone/Win98SE

Girlfriends rig :Dell Optipex GX-1 small form
Celery 300a
128 megs
Onboard ATI vid and sound and 3COM NIC

Other:Enlight frankenstein thrown together
P233 on old Asus mobo, 64 megs
The mighty S3 Virge video
Was running NT 4 server as a PDC to practice log in scripts, various, will prob format and start learning that Linux thing on this one.

04-06-01, 10:32 AM
7 pc- P3 667 256 ram, p3 650 256ram, amd 1000 868ram (my baby), amd 800 , amd 800, cel 300 128 ram, amd 400 128ram.

Ugate 3000 router and 3com 24 port switch
and a backup hub, Hp laser printer , hp print server.

running 98se, 2000 server , windows XP (beta), windows ME, 2000 pro,
running on two cable modems.
the p3 667 runs a 24hr half-life server with stats http://www.justanything.org

04-10-01, 06:51 PM
Well I guess I’ll test the waters to see just how friendly this board is…

Home Network:

¸ Windows 2000 Server running on dual Pentium Pro 180’s (yes that’s 180MHz!) 384 MB RAM and several SCSI and a couple of IDE HD’s. Use it for file storage and Internet Access through RRAS and dual 56K modems (DSL coming very soon). Server also runs network Anti-Virus and backup (backup PC’s and Mac’s onto dual 12/24 DAT drives).
¸ Novell NetWare 5.0 test server
¸ Linux 5.0 running on PII-233 play server

¸ IMacDV 400MHz w/256MB – running Mac OS 9.1
¸ B&W G3-400MHz (o/c 300) – w/512MB running OS 9.1
¸ PCTV – PII-266 w/96MB – TV card and DVD connected to 31” Gateway monitor – Windows ME
¸ Kitchen PC AMD K62-300 w/128MB – Windows ME
¸ Son’s PC PII-300 w/256MB – Windows ME
¸ Son’s PC PIII-450 w/256MB – Windows ME
¸ Son’s 2nd PC PII-266 w/128MB – Windows ME

Saving the best for last!
¸ (2) iBookSE’s with wireless connectivity (Airport) – anywhere in the house, across the street and in the back yard!
¸ Airport Base Station connected to Ethernet network.

¸ Intel 10/100 hub located with servers in far end of the house.
¸ CAT5 cabling
¸ 3COM 10/100 switch in home-office with PC’s and Mac’s along with the Airport Base Station connected at 10mb.