View Full Version : DSL & PPP Configurations

02-07-00, 05:29 PM
I recently acquired my DSL (Ameritech) connection. Prior I was using my PPP connection into my work LAN. Now I can't seem to get my PPP connection to work (no dial tone on the modem to start).

Is it possible to use both at once/separatly?

02-07-00, 07:26 PM
There isn't any reason why not. You just need to reinstall your model, set up tcp/ip for the dial-up adapter(just like before). I haven't tried this but the theory sounds right. Just becuase you have a constant connection to the Internet doesn't me you can't have a "backup" in-case your xdsl circuit goes down. Does you work pay for the connection? You might want to check if they have a VPN solution in place and you could just use that.