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02-07-00, 07:41 AM
I have NT Server at home, and will be accessing a work lan which is also NT server based. Can anyone point me to a URL or PDF file which contains setup/configuration instructions for VPNs using PPTP.

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02-07-00, 09:23 AM

I currently have a dynamically assigned IP but I can pay more (10 bucks a month) to get a static one. Do I have to have a static address to pull this off for a VPN using PPTP?

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02-07-00, 12:13 PM
Contining research and found the following URL that may be of help:


I'm still not sure if I PPTP will work without a phone line. If it will work, do have to get my ISP involved to make the link?

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02-07-00, 06:13 PM
What kind of VPN is your work using? There may be a client out that will work. The problem may be the dynamic IP, depending the VPN. Usually it's just a matter of configuring the client and having an account.


02-07-00, 06:20 PM
found a website for ya:


maybe this will help ya.

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02-15-00, 01:56 PM
Are you trying to access your work computers from home, or your home computers from work? Or both? You can have a dynamic IP on the client computer, but not the server. Therefore, you'll probably be able to access your work computers from home, but not your home computer from work. There are a lot of specifics to this topic. It's not as easy as well all would want it to be. Ask your Network Admin. at work to help you...if you have one. He SHOULD understand how to make this work.