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12-16-99, 10:15 PM
Hi everybody

i will try posting this message here...
ok i have an ASDL connection, one computer with two network cards, a five port hub (DLink 5port Hubby), network cards in the other 3 computer, but no idea what to do

if u guys could recommend software, and some instruction guides that would be awsome.

if it helps i am running windows 98 second edition0

Thanks a lot

12-17-99, 12:10 AM
You can try running ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) or install Sygate www.sybergen.com (http://www.sybergen.com) on the Server (the PC with two NICs) to enable the connection sharing on your LAN. One NIC goes to the modem, the other to the LAN through the hub.

Install TCP/IP and NetBEIU on all NICs, install "File and Print Sharing", but unbind it from TCP/IP on all NICs/modems. Then, you will be able to share files on the LAN using NetBEIU and share the Internet connection using TCP/IP and the software on the server...

To be on the safe side, you might also add passwords to any shared resources on your LAN. That's the idea, ask in here if you have some specific questions.

12-17-99, 06:11 PM
I recommend WinProxy 3.0. It will cost you about $50 but it will proxy your network thru your internet connection, and it's a fantastic firewall as well.

For free you can check out AnalogX.com

He provides free software for all your network needs including a proxy server and firewall. He laso has web servers and more.


12-18-99, 12:04 AM
Thanks a lot guys....we will see how it goes