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01-01-19, 06:59 AM
had them for over 10 years now. finally upgraded my cable modem last month from a old motorola 4x3 40/4 megabit plan to a HiTron CDA3-35 32x8 channel one with 75/10 plan. No sooner then when I picked up my new mondem from the post office, teksavvy activated my modem an hour later!

01-01-19, 11:17 AM
Cool :)
I think they only have to include the MAC at the head-end and it should update/provision automatically from there.

01-02-19, 05:38 PM
awesome !

aren't they shaw resellers ?

02-07-19, 11:08 PM
I'll second that.
TekSavvy has great customer service, and since I've been using them (4 months or so) I have no complaints at all.

07-25-20, 01:48 AM
Can anyone tell me when I run the IP on my router why it says it comes back to private block not routable to the internet

07-25-20, 10:54 AM
NAT routers are set like that by default. The router gets an external/routable IP address on the Internet/WAN port, and then it serves multiple local/private/non-routable IP addresses to clients on the local network. This is due to the limited number of IP (version 4) addresses, your ISP only provides you with one IP, and to connect multiple network devices you have the router doing NAT (Network Address Translation), routing traffic from those multiple private IPs to the one external IP.

In order for client devices with private IPs to communicate with the NAT router, it needs to have a local/private IP in the same subnet as well. The router has both an internal, and an external IP. You can see them in the web admin interface.

I hope this helps.