View Full Version : teksavvy good

01-01-19, 06:59 AM
had them for over 10 years now. finally upgraded my cable modem last month from a old motorola 4x3 40/4 megabit plan to a HiTron CDA3-35 32x8 channel one with 75/10 plan. No sooner then when I picked up my new mondem from the post office, teksavvy activated my modem an hour later!

01-01-19, 11:17 AM
Cool :)
I think they only have to include the MAC at the head-end and it should update/provision automatically from there.

01-02-19, 05:38 PM
awesome !

aren't they shaw resellers ?

02-07-19, 11:08 PM
I'll second that.
TekSavvy has great customer service, and since I've been using them (4 months or so) I have no complaints at all.