View Full Version : Linksys EA8300, Unable to use HDD for Networking.

07-14-18, 04:58 PM
So this is a strange one and even Linksys Tech support don't have a clear answer, So I have a Linksys EA8300 Router and I have it configured apart from attaching a HDD to allow shared storage.
When I attach a storage device to the back of the router I have options within the router settings but the HDD isn't showing up, and no amount of refreshing will make it appear.
The HDD is working as I had it connected to the PC so I can format it to NTFS, the HDD I have is a seagate external 2TB HDD SRDONF2 and according to Linksys, they claim they have a list of HDD's that don't work but mine isn't on the list.

In my opinion I can't understand why any HDD would not work, it's not like its a NAS drive and it has extra boards inside to configure it, So I have come to the conclusion that Linksys are making excuses.

Does anyone else ever had an issue as to why an External HDD isn't showing up or have any advice for me to try and get it running?

07-16-18, 11:08 AM
It is possible that the router does not provide enough power via USB for a desktop HDD to work. Have you tried plugging an USB flash drive, an SSD, or a laptop drive to it to see if it makes a difference?